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V.I.P. Industries introduces convenient, light-weight,

The leading manufacturer of travel bags aids ‘Happy Journeys’ with a line of fashionable

and durable travels bags

Dubai, June 28, 2011: Holiday-goers in the UAE and region can look forward to taking off in

style on their summer vacations this year, with V.I.P. Industries, Asia’s largest travel bags

manufacturer, launching a wide range of options that combine stylish elegance, light-weight

convenience, and durability like never before.

The launch saw ten new models of V.I.P travel bags combined with a three-year warranty

period, and featured expandable (EXP) trolley cases, that have become an indispensable

feature of all luggage models available today.

Commenting on the launch of ten new models, Mr. Neeraj Dhingra, Head – International

Business, V.I.P. Industries Ltd., said: “The Middle East, being centrally connected to the world,

is an important market for V.I.P. Industries. At V.I.P. Industries, we offer an extensive range

of options that will spoil our customers for choice as they set out on their summer holidays.

Whether they are looking for elegance, luxury or durability and light-weight convenience, we

have one that is just right for everyone.”

The V.I.P. brand stands for reliability and style. It is a premium brand of travel bags in India

and over 30 countries in South Asia, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe. “We will

invest in proactive marketing in the Middle East region,’ said, Mr. Manish Vyas, Vice President –

Marketing, who was also present at the launch.

When only the best things in life will do for you, Croma is your preferred luggage accessory

from V.I.P., combining elegance and modernity with total panache. Available in beige and black

colour options, this range is exclusively created using 100 per cent polycarbonate material from

Bayer, featuring a toilet pouch, 2 internal shirt pouches, aircraft style four-wheel option, and

TSA lock, while also being lightweight and convenient. Available in three model sizes (Spinner

Trolley case 55cm; Spinner Trolley Case 65cm; Spinner Trolley Case76 cm).

In the Super Luxury category, V.I.P. has introduced the STYLUX, which is crafted using

premium 1680D Synthetic Nylon, and features a multistage trolley and TSA lock. Sure to get

you noticed and respected wherever you may fly, it’s available in elegant black and blue colour

options in three different sizes Expandable (EXP) Trolley case 80cm; EXP Trolley case 74cm;

EXP Trolley case 54cm.

The double wheel feature in these bags offers effortless movements of the bags, ensuring

extreme flexibility and travelling ease. To enhance the pleasure of travelling further, the bags

also capacitate last minute shopping with 30 per cent expandable baggage facility.

For those who love luxury and keeping things sporty, there’s the SUPERIA, which is made using

1680D 3 tone material with a 600D trim, with a multistage trolley and TSA lock. Available in

sporty black/orange and black/lime options in three different sizes (EXP Trolley case 80cm; EXP

Trolley case 74cm; EXP Trolley case 54cm), it’s often considered the perfect travel companion

for great holidays!

The RADIANCE in the Prestige range could be just your bag, if you’re off to sunny beaches,

and faraway destinations, to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, and come back with a suitcase full

of memories. Crafted from fine 840D Polyester with Diamond texture Trim, the versatile range

is completely expandable, available in black, blue and brown colours in three convenient sizes

(EXP Trolley case 80cm; EXP Trolley case 72cm; EXP Trolley case 55cm).

Love to keep it simple and look on the bright side whatever may happen? Then MOTIVA is your

ticket to a great vacation getaway – made using600D 2 tone material with an expander trolley,

it’s available in grey and brown colour options in three sizes (EXP Trolley case 80cm; EXP

Trolley case 72cm; EXP Trolley case 55cm).

If you’re a traveller who is inspired to find BENEFIT in all of life’s journeys, this range, crafted

entirely in 600D 2-tone polyester material, with an expander and a trolley, is available in Grey

and Red colours, in three sizes (EXP Trolley case 80cm; EXP Trolley case 72cm ; EXP Trolley

case 55cm).

If you’re a businessman or woman, who makes a habit of winning, then INDEX is your signature

luggage accessory. Beautifully crafted in 600D Twill Polyester material, this self-contained

suitcase is a briefcase too! It features a trolley case with expander on the one hand, and a

laptop case to protect your laptop, replete with shoulder straps and an Organizer as well.

Available in stylish black, there’s six exciting models to choose from (EXP Trolley case 80cm;

EXP Trolley case 72cm; EXP Trolley case 55cm; Laptop Backpack; Double Gusset Folio;

Laptop Folio on Wheels).

On a family holiday that packs style, but also requires you to be prepared for all of life’s

eventualities, VIRTUE offers you the perfect excuse to get away, crafted in durable 1200

Dernier polyester material, with a three-tone trim, that protects valuables across all surfaces,

and features expander and trolley options. Available in smart black, brown and maroon colours,

in seven different specifications (EXP Trolley case 80cm; EXP Trolley case 72cm; EXP Trolley

case 55cm; Duffle 52cm [with or without Trolley]; Duffle 62cm with Trolley; Duffle 75cm with


If you’re a big bargain hunter, who looks for value-for-money deals in all life’s journeys, VIGOR

is your travel companion this summer. Made using 600 D polyester fabric, this new kid-on-the-

block, packs a mean punch, easily making space for the entire family’s knick-knacks. Functional

and affordable in black, blue and red hues, there’s also a pick of sizes and specs to choose

from (EXP Trolley case 78cm; EXP Trolley case 70cm; EXP Trolley case 54cm; Duffle 52cm;

Duffle 52 with Trolley; Duffle 62 with Trolley; Duffle 72cm with Trolley).

If you live life in the fast lane, playing high-stakes in a corporate world, where mergers and

acquisitions are the order of the day, you might expect the same from your luggage, and

FORTUNE EXECUTIVE with its sophisticated 1680D Synthetic Nylon exterior, fashioned with

TSA lock, corner

guards, stylish interiors and smooth wheels, promises not to disappoint. Available in corporate

Black in a range of sizes (Expander Trolley Case 55cm; Expander Trolley Case 65cm;

Expander Trolley Case 75cm; Duffel bags 55cm; Duffel with Trolley 55 cm; Duffel with Trolley

65cm; Double Gusset ; Backpack Trolleycase; Laptop Satchel; Laptop Backpack), your luggage

now reflects your signature style!

So, gear up for the summer holidays and accessorize to create memories that last a lifetime!

About V.I.P. Industries Ltd: 

Established in 1971, VIP Industries Ltd. is Asia's No. 1 luggage manufacturer. Its four factories produce

nearly five million pieces a year, making it the second largest producer of luggage in the world. The state-

of-the-art VIP Design Lab at Nashik has to its credit several international patents and design registrations.

Since inception, the company has kept in step with the changing need and taste of the discerning and

quality conscious traveler. VIP Industries already has a global footprint with its products available not just

across India but also all over Middle East, the UK, , Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia and select African

countries. VIP owns various luggage brands namely – Carlton, VIP, Skybags, Aristrocrat, Footloose &

Alfa to cater to various consumer segments.

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