Sunday, July 31, 2011

DM upgrades Hamriyah and Al Rashidiya central markets

As part of Dubai Municipality’s vision to provide comfort of living and essence of success to the
citizens and residents of the Emirate of Dubai, it has conducted field studies and accordingly
decided to develop the central markets in Hamriyah and Al Rashidiya. The improvement would be
in line with the environmental, economic and administrative requirements to keep pace with urban
development witnessed by the emirate.

The civic body commenced the development of Hamriyah market by air-conditioning public
corridors and improving all the current finishing works. It also includes necessary maintenance
works for the public services of current market with front expansion. Total construction area after
the development is 289,000 feet, and the completion is expected in November 2011.

Development of Rashidiya Central market located in the center of a residential area includes a
commercial center with the addition of four stores for quick services and car parking expansion and
surrounding area enhancement. The project is expected to be completed in October 2011.


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