Thursday, July 14, 2011


Dubai, UAE – July 14, 2011

Al Aan TV celebrated the success of its Youtube channel – Alaantube - that

registered an accumulated total of 100 million views since its creation

Hossein Jalali, Head of Online for the Arabic satellite pro-woman channel

highlighted the power and influence of online communication that is “Changing the

rules of engagement,” and praised infrastructural developments in the Arab world for

bringing “More than 300 million Arabs into the large circuit of globalization.”

Jalali explained that, “Any company, brand, TV, publication or person who is

not present online, is not part of the global conversation,” thus rendering online

communication, “More of a necessity than a luxury.”

Though only founded in 2006, 100% Arabic content producer has managed to

firmly establish itself as the only Arab female empowerment channel in the region,

and has, through major investment in its online portals, social networking sites and

resources of 20 team members entirely dedicated to online interaction, managed to

connect to millions of viewers beyond airtime.

Jalali acknowledged the prevailing influence of airtime however; stressed on the

power of digital, “As important as airtime has been for us, online sharing has

become EQUALLY important today and will probably be MORE important in the

“TV consumption, as we know it is changing…Viewers now have the viewing power

to choose when, where and how they view content,” says Jalali.

Al Aan TV Head of Corporate Communications Kristina Koubar accredited the

station’s online success to “Getting with the change and taking part in the Arab

conversation currently unfolding on the Internet.”

Alaantube, a virtual platform where most of Al Aan TV’s content is shared has been

a source of major traffic. The station’s social media strategy has also earned it more

than 220,000 fans on Facebook, 12,000 followers on Twitter and around 300,000

video views per day through, and

Koubar reiterated the satellite channel’s ongoing interest in “Creating platforms for

Arab women to express their views particularly through Amira – the Arab world’s

only female empowerment show where women of all facets share their personal

experiences and triumphs over adversity, and Noon – a current affairs program that

hosts influential Arab women to discuss regional and global issues from a female





statement “Bieyenayki” – meaning through your eyes - truly emphasizes our Arab

female-driven approach,” points out Koubar “Our entire grid of programs is aimed

at encouraging women to fulfill their full potential by inspiring and supporting them

through shows that carry a high personal and social value.”

Al Aan produces a total of 21 main programs and 9 hours of live transmission daily

that cover health, politics, society and general interest.

Al Aan TV recently supplied Internet connection across several parts of Libya as a

means of helping Libyans connect to the world and share their story online.

Al Aan is a Dubai-based pan-Arab satellite channel that was launched in 2006. As a free-to-air
channel, Al Aan is available on the regional direct-to-home hotspots of Arabsat and Nilesat and
its live stream can be watched at and Among Al Aan's
alternative distribution platforms are various cable and IPTV networks, including du and e-Vision in
the UAE, and free, SFR and Darty Telecom in France. Al Aan shows are conceptualized, developed
and produced within the Arab region offering viewers 100% original programming.

The channel's core viewer demographic consists of dynamic and modern Arab women. At a time of
historic changes in the Arab world, Al Aan advocates an informed and compelling discussion of big-
picture issues such as female empowerment, jobs, health awareness, education and human rights.

In the online and social media spheres, Al Aan has emerged as a leading producer and publisher
of original Arabic content. As of June 2011, Al Aan online counts some 205 million cumulative
video views (12 million per month) on a base of nearly 105,000 original video assets and 140,000
registered users. Al Aan is considered one of the most active stations online with a following of more
than 220,000 fans on Facebook, 12,000 followers on Twitter and registered youtube views of more
than 7.5 Million (based on stats reported June 2011).


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