Monday, July 25, 2011

Investment Dar Forms Investors’ Coordination and Liaison Committee

Kuwait City, 25 July 2011:    The  Investment  Dar  K.S.C.C  .is  pleased  to  announce  that,  in  line  with
the  Company’s  voluntary  governance  structure  for  the  implementation  of  its  restructuring  plan,
an  Investors’  Coordination  and  Liaison  Committee  (“the  Committee”)  representing  its  banks  and
investors has now been finalized.

The  Committee  will  liaise  with  the  Company  at  regular  face-to-face  meetings,  establish  regular
reporting  processes  and  will  appoint  a  qualified  individual  to  be  the  first  contact  point  for  all  TID
banks and investors to disseminate information.  The members of this Committee include, Al-Rajhi
Banking & Investment Corporation, Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait, and Arab Banking Corporation.

Abdullah  Al  Humaidhi,  CEO  of  the  Investment  Dar  commented,  “We  would  like  to  express  our
sincerest  gratitude  to  the  previous  Coordinating  Committee  whose  hard  work  and  commitment
was instrumental in assisting the Company to navigate the restructuring process. The establishment
of  the  Investors’  Coordination  and  Liaison  Committee  is  in  line  with  TID’s  commitment  to  ensure
compliance with  international  best  practice,  maximizing  visibility  and transparency for  its  banks
and investors. We are grateful to the Banks who have volunteered to become members of the new
Committee and look forward to working with them as we seek the expedite the implementation of
the restructuring plan.”

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