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Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank posts 5% net profit increase to AED 316.6 million for the second quarter of 2011

Group Financial highlights – Second quarter 2011

Group net revenue for Q2 2011 was AED 909.6 million vs. AED 744.2 million for Q2 2010, an increase of
Group operating profit (“margin”) for Q2 2011 was AED 552.4 million vs. AED 436.2 million for Q2
2010, an increase of 26.6%.
Total credit provisions and impairments for Q2 2011 were AED 235.8 million vs. AED 134.6 million in
Q2 2010, an increase of 75.2%.
Group net profit for Q2 2011 was AED 316.6 million vs. AED 301.6 million in Q2 2010, an increase of
5.0% despite increasing credit provisions and impairments by 75.2%.
ADIB remains one of the most liquid banks in the UAE, with a customer financing to deposits ratio of
90.5% and net due from banks of AED 9.0 billion.
Capital adequacy position under Basel II remains strong at 16.1% (16.0% at the end of 2010).

Bank Financial highlights – Second quarter 2011

Bank net revenue for Q2 2011 was AED 875.6 million vs. AED 747.8 million for Q2 2010, an increase of
Bank operating profit (“margin”) for Q2 2011 was AED 541.5 million vs. AED 466.2 million for Q2 2010,
an increase of 16.2%.
Total credit provisions and impairments for Q2 2011 were AED 148.9 million vs. AED 134.6 million in
Q2 2010, an increase of 10.6%.
Bank net profit for Q2 2011 was AED 392.6 million vs. AED 331.6 million in Q2 2010, an increase of
Total number of customers increased by 52,717 since Q2 2010 to reach 439,734.
Total number of branches stands at 66 vs. 57 in Q2 2010.

Financial highlights – First half 2011

Group net revenue for H1 2011 was AED 1,717.1 million vs. AED 1,424.8 million for H1 2010, an
increase of 20.5%.
• Group operating profit (“margin”) for H1 2011 was AED 1,015.1 million vs. AED 834.7 million for H1
2010, an increase of 21.6%.
Group net profit for H1 2011 was AED 619.8 million vs. AED 594.9 million in H1 2010, an increase of 4.2%
despite an increase in credit provisions and impairments of 64.9%.

Emirates Fleet 26% More Efficient than IATA Industry Average

The Emirates Group Releases Report Studying Environmental Impact and Performance

DUBAI – 08 August 2011 – The Emirates Group today announced the release of its first comprehensive environmental report, a study that revealed the airline’s carbon dioxide emissions efficiency was 26% better than the global airline average.

Covering the 2010-2011 fiscal year, the audited report analysed environmental performance data from a range of Group activities, including airline operations, dnata’s cargo and ground handling businesses and a wide range of commercial activities on the ground – from engineering to catering.

The report’s aim is to understand the Group’s environmental impact, as well as identifying opportunities to improve and capture best practice across our 60,000 strong workforce.

In addition to the carbon dioxide emissions efficiency figure of 0.75kg per tonne-kilometre (TK) that was 26% better than IATA’s fleet average, other significant highlights in the report include:
• An airline fuel efficiency figure of 4.12 litres per 100 passenger-kilometres (PK).
• 3.3 million kilograms of on-board waste recycled by dnata and Emirates Flight Catering.
• dnata Freight Gate 5 opened as the first carbon neutral warehouse in the Middle East.
• 175,000 trees planted at the carbon neutral-certified Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa.
• Fauna and flora improvements via the sponsorship of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, which represents over 5% of Dubai’s land area.
• Benefits from the opening of the Dubai Metro station at Emirates Group Headquarters.
• Winner of the 2010 Middle East’s Responsible Tourism Award at the World Travel Awards.

“Emirates takes its commitment to the environment very seriously and strives to be an industry innovator and leader. The report is more than a snap-snot of the performance of the Group, it will act as a future measure of success in all we do,” said Andrew Parker, Senior Vice-President, Public, Industry, International and Environmental Affairs. “Be it the airline, dnata’s passenger handling, or at any of our facilities, Emirates is focused on maximising eco-efficiency to minimise our environmental footprint.”

One example of The Emirates Group’s commitment to fuel efficiency is the recent participation of Emirates Airline in the INSPIRE (Indian Ocean Strategic Partnership to Reduce Emissions) programme, with two test flights (one from Dubai to Brisbane, the second from Perth to Dubai). The aim of the INSPIRE initiative is to gauge the improved environmental impact of a ‘perfect flight’ - minimising on-ground delays, using expedient taxi- and runways, conducting gradual climb and descent paths – while flying direct optimum routes based on existing meteorological and airspace conditions.

The results from these two flights alone resulted in a combined total saving of over 6,250 litres of fuel and more than 16,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions. Since 2003 Emirates has worked with the Air Traffic Service providers for flights to Australia and the emission savings of such operations over a five year period equate to potential savings of 9.6 million litres of fuel and 24,268 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. In 2011, based on an estimated 63 flights per week, approximate savings for the year would be in the order of 2.47 million litres of fuel and 6,850 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

“The INSPIRE flights are only one example of our continuous efforts to reduce our environmental impact and our commitment to a greener future,” explained Captain Alan Stealey, Divisional Senior Vice President Flight Operations. “These flights illustrate that Emirates’ long-term strategy to address the environmental concerns of our customers, our partners and our industry has become a part of the everyday operating fabric of our organisation, not just something we recognise once a year.”

The two INSPIRE flights are only the latest example of Emirates’ participation in such initiatives.  Emirates conducted its first reduced-emissions test flights back in 2003, and has worked with other industry stakeholders to establish the ‘flexible tracks’ initiative over the airspace of Africa, Asia and Australia.

Emirates acknowledges that the implementation of endeavours such as INSPIRE would not be possible without the support of all the parties involved, including air traffic management organisations in Australia, India, the Maldives, Oman, Sri Lanka and especially in the UAE.  The programme involves close cooperation between a range of stakeholders, including the Dubai Airports Company, Dubai Air Navigation Services, the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority and the Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre, DGMAN Oman, the Airports Authority of India, the Maldives Airport Company, Sri Lanka Airport and Aviation Services, Airservices Australia (enroute, and in particular Brisbane and Perth air traffic control), ATNS South Africa, Brisbane  Airport, Perth Airport, and the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport - as well as countless other staff and agencies.

A large part of Emirates’ environmental achievements can be attributed to its young and eco-efficient fleet and enhanced operational procedures in the air. However, the Group recognises that the environmental performance of ground operations is also critical.  Activities such as dnata ground handling, cargo, engineering, catering and staff accommodation, have all been taken into account in this first reporting period.

With over 60,000 staff worldwide, and operations in six continents, the prospective scope of the report was enormous. As such, the focus of this first report was placed on The Emirates Group activities in Dubai, which encompass the majority of the operations – in terms of contribution to the company’s overall carbon footprint. The Group intends to broaden the scope of the report in subsequent reporting periods to include as many of its overseas operations.  There are still many challenges ahead, but we are confident that the Group’s environmental performance will continue to improve, and will demonstrate that the Emirates Group is an industry leader in more ways than one.

More about Emirates’ environmental activities and a full copy of the report are available at:

Dusit Thani Dubai introduces new benefits to Dusit Gold loyalty card members

Dubai: August 2011 - Dusit Thani Dubai has upgraded its Dusit Gold loyalty programme for a short

period until the end of December 2011 to create awareness of the programme, attract new members,

and encourage existing members to partake of its services more frequently.

In addition to a daily buffet breakfast, internet access, priority room reservations and VIP recognition,

which are the standard benefits for the Dusit Gold, Dusit Thani Dubai is now offering 20% savings at

participating restaurants for regular members and 25% savings at participating restaurants for VIP


Gold card members can also enjoy 15% savings on Dusit Best Rates through for rooms

as well as a late check out until 4 pm and 20% off laundry services.

“With a Dusit Gold Card, guests are immediately recognised as a valued guest, entitled to the Golden

Privileges and Benefits the card brings” said Leon Salinel, director of sales and marketing at the Dusit

Thani Dubai “We believe that the new benefits will not only appeal to existing members but will also

attract new members”

The Dusit Gold is a recognition programme designed to provide special discounts and privileges to

members and is made available to Dusit International guests by invitation, at no charge. It is valid at

more than 21 hotels and resorts in Thailand and the Middle East.

“Gold card members currently account for almost 10% of our occupancy and so are an important

revenue stream for us” said Salinel. “The increase in benefits will help us reward loyal customers and

improve the guest experience”

Thai hotel Dusit Thani Dubai invests in people.

Dusit Thani Dubai the first hotel in the ME to achieve recognition by Investors in People

Dubai: August 2011 - In a bid to further position the hotel as a preferred employer, Dusit Thani Dubai

has aligned with Investors in People (IIP), a global framework for improving business productivity,

performance and competitiveness in organisations through good practice in people management.

The Dusit Thani Dubai is the first hotel in the Dusit International group and in the region to gain

recognition by IIP gaining The Standard certificate. This was achieved by working towards a number of

standards set down by IIP to ensure that all people management and development activities in the hotel

were aligned with business goals and targets.

The hotel is following the Dusit International corporate HR objectives to be an employer of choice

attracting and retaining talent through the four guiding principles: happiness, identity, engagement and


“Investors in People has provided a necessary framework to address structured change within our HR

department and also the hotel as a whole.” said James Wilson, general manager, Dusit Thani Hotel,

Dubai. “We have a much more vibrant team, empowered and willing to engage. We can already see

improvements in both staff retention and the profitability of the hotel”

An early assessment was carried out by IIP in 2010. During the following year, the senior team at

the Dusit Thani Dubai worked to address the gaps identified at that time. These included a need to

strengthen the connections between business planning and the planning of learning and development

Dusit Thani Dubai, 133 Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O. Box 23335, Dubai United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 (4) 343 3333, Fax: +971 (4) 343 4222 E-mail:

and the measurement of outcomes of this investment in terms of how it supported the business.

On their return visit a year later, the IIP assessor was impressed by the level of commitment shown by

the senior team. The business planning process had been strengthened and a strengthened management

competency framework was introduced to improve managerial capability and assist with succession


The Dusit Thani Dubai is now working towards the highest level of the programme, the gold level. This

requires a further 126 evidence requirements, or business issues, in addition to The Standard already


World Refining Association to Host 2011 Middle East Chemical Week Awards

Event to Reward the Standards of Excellence Set By
Companies in the Petrochemical and Fertilizer Industries

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 08 August, 2011 – Clarion Events Middle East FZ LLC (The

World Refining Association) is proud to announce the Middle East Chemical Week

(MECW) Awards 2011, which will recognise and reward organisations setting

standards of excellence in the Petrochemical and Fertilizer industries across the

Middle East region. The categories include Plant of the Year, Project of the Year and

Technology of the Year.

Held at the U.A.E’s Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) the 2011 MECW

Awards will take place on 17 October 2011. Participants from both conferences

will convene to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of companies that are

paving the future for these two lucrative industries.

Three prestigious awards will be handed out at MECW 2011 to both petrochemical

and fertilizer organisations. The first award is for Plant of the Year, which will

recognise a plant that has displayed operational excellence or made significant

contributions to the environment. Project of the Year will be the second award for a

producer or Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor who has

implemented a new build, revamp or capacity expansion project on time and within

budget with a strong safety record. Lastly, the Technology of the Year award will be

presented to a company for developing or improving upon an existing technology,

which propels the industry forward.

Dominica Andrews, Project Director, The World Refining Association, said: “We


petrochemical and fertilizer industries. The awards are symbols of excellence

presented to companies that strive to be the best in these productive industries.

They reinforce the notion that companies in the two industries are highly

competitive, making the GCC region a key arena for the production of anything

related to petrochemicals and fertilizers.”










Companies that wish to compete for these awards can visit the MECW 2011 website

at and download a registration form. All entries must be

submitted by August 31 2011 in order to be eligible to compete.

MECW 2011 is an event that has been developed to provide a unique networking

platform for leading professionals in the petrochemical and fertilizer industries. Key

speakers will express their views on each of their respective industries, providing a

comprehensive analysis on the current situation and future opportunities.

Mushrif Park honours kids

Public Parks and Horticulture Department has recently honoured the participants in swimming
learning courses conducted in the pools of Mushrif Park. The honouring ceremony came as part
of Dubai Municipality’s keenness to encourage kids to participate in sports activities organized by
Dubai parks.

A number of officials of Public Parks and Horticulture Department, participants and their parents
were present on the occasion. The swimming courses in Mushrif park pools started since 1980 and
lot of people have benefited from it. Courses are available for gents, women and kids from 6 years
onwards. There are separate courses for women and gents under the supervision of specialized
coaches in swimming and rescue. All pools have advanced facilities such as dress changing area,
toilets, bathrooms and kids bath where currently 354 members are practicing the swimming.

The municipality has big role in the establishment and development of infrastructure for sports
services. Its facilities are distributed between large parks and residential area parks, which include
sports grounds, walking tracks, bike tracks, swimming pools and fitness equipments. The provision
of these services aims to achieve the best services and high degree of comfort to the residents of
the emirate, promoting healthy life style in order to create a healthy and ideal society.

Mushrif Park is considered as the oldest parks of Dubai, established in 1974, which has been
currently facilitated with a number of services including separate pools for women, gents and kids.
Swimming pool members do not require separate membership or fee for park entry. Moreover,
a sports area is allocated for different types of sports items such as basketball, volleyball and

As part of the strategic goals of the Municipality to spread the green areas across the emirate,
Public Parks and Horticulture Department has so far established seven large parks and 76
residential parks in different parts of the emirate. All parks have furnished with modern facilities for
family entertainment and amusement of kids.

IBA Host Committee provides 50 Arab Law Scholarships to the Middle East

The International Bar Association (IBA) host committee is offering scholarships to cover travel,
accommodation and registration costs for 50 Young Arab lawyers to attend its global annual
conference which will take place from 30 October to 4th November in Dubai. This is the first
time the prestigious event will be held in the Middle East and the first time such a scholarship
program is being offered.

The International Bar Association (IBA) is the world’s largest international organisation of law
societies, bar associations and individual lawyers.

Essam Al Tamimi, Chairman of the IBA Conference Host Committee, said: “The IBA Host
Committee, made up of 15 firms, has been very generous offering this number of scholarships.
Given this is the first time the IBA Conference is being held in the Middle East, we are hoping
that this encourages legal practitioners from across the region to participate in the conference.”

Freshfields, which has MENA offices in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE (Abu Dhabi and
Dubai), is one of the members of the IBA conference host committee and the head of their
arbitration practice, Reza Mohtashami, commented: “The IBA’s Annual Conference is by far the
most significant international gathering in the legal world. This year we are expecting over 4000
of the world’s most influential lawyers and legal professionals.”

“It is a fitting tribute to the Middle East and the IBA host committee that they are providing
such a large number of generous scholarships for young Arab lawyers to attend its first Annual
Conference in the Middle East. Knowledge transfer and investment in education remain
key pillars of the growth plans for the Middle Eastern countries and this will go some way to
achieving these objectives.”

Further details on the IBA scholarships together with application forms can be obtained from the
IBA office in Dubai:

The businessman’s dirty secret gets more AMG grunt

Dubai, UAE - The Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG has always been the

businessman’s dirty secret. A pinstriped wolf in sheep’s clothing, the

thunderous AMG sports saloon masquerades as a refined and palatial

vehicle for the corner-office elite. Yet beneath its distinguished exterior

lies its true character; a huffing, snorting mechanical beast, ever-ready to

devour its more placid contemporaries in the corporate lot with its roaring

engine note and unmatched performance. Now even more powerful and

efficient, the new generation of the high-performance car has taken its

predatory nature to a new level, and now packs the earth-shattering AMG

5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine, part of the "AMG Performance 2015" model

strategy, which delivers phenomenal power and torque.

Available in both saloon and estate variants, the base level E 63 AMG

produces 525 hp and 700Nm of torque which can be called upon across

the rev range between 1750 and 5000rpm. Combined with the optional

AMG Performance package, these figures increase to 557 hp and 800

Nm, through 2000 to 4500 rpm. Both variants of the E 63 AMG achieve

exceptional performance: acceleration from zero to 100 km/h takes 4.3

and 4.2 seconds respectively (Estate: 4.4 and 4.3 seconds), and the top

The new engine, already familiar from the recently launched CLS 63

AMG, delivers an output of 525 hp to 557 hp, together with an impressive

reduction in fuel consumption: the E 63 AMG consumes 9.8 litres per 100

kilometres (Estate 10.0 litres) according to NEDC combined, 2.8 litres

per 100km (22 percent) less than its predecessor’s AMG 6.3-litre V8

naturally aspirated engine. An important contribution to this is also made

by the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission, and the

newly developed electromechanical AMG speed-sensitive sports steering

system. Drivers can choose between ‘C’ for Controlled Efficiency, ‘S’ for

Sport ‘S+’ for Sports Plus and ‘M’ for Manual settings putting the driver

firmly in control of the car’s character and responsiveness at any given

Dynamic tweaks to the exterior of the new E 63 AMG advertise the power

underneath the bonnet with new 10-spoke AMG alloy wheels, full AMG

bodystyling across front, rear and both sides, a distinctive AMG sports

exhaust system with two chrome-twin tailpipes while “V8 BITURBO”

lettering warns the layman of the performance within.

On the inside, the new AMG Performance, three-spoked steering wheel

has been flattened at both top and bottom to facilitate better control, and

features aluminium gear shift paddles amidst perforated leather in the grip

areas, and a three dimensional airbag cover design with ‘Silver Shadow’

The new E 63 AMG also features a host of additional new driver

assistance systems such as new AMG RIDE CONTROL sports

suspension to further improve the ride, while Active Blind Spot Assist and

Active Lane Keeping Assist raise occupant safety to a whole new level.

Frank Bernthaler, Director, Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars,

Daimler Middle East and Levant, said: “The new Mercedes-Benz E 63

AMG has raised the bar once again in the executive saloon segment, and

now offers further refined luxury and increased exhilaration for almost

exactly the same price as its predecessor – something sure to put a smile

With a host of optional ex-factory extras from the AMG Performance

Studio available, including carbon fibre trim inside and out with piano

lacquer, AMG Performance steering wheel, illuminated AMG door sills

and titanium grey 10-spoke alloy wheels, the E 63 AMG is set to become

a mouthwatering prospect for any senior executive.

The 2012 Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG will be available in the Middle

East as Saloon and Estate variants in Q4 with GCC pricing starting at USD119,450 (AED438,400).


Keeping up to their reputation as innovative style icons, Parisian luxury house SAINT HONORE is dazzling watch

aficionados with the unique ‘eclair effect’ on their Opera Collection. Giving a stand out ‘diamond-paved’ effect, the Eclair

brings together extremely precious bezels and dials to give the Opera a never-seen-before look of exclusivity. The

seductive shimmer contrasts tellingly with the elegantly simple Roman numerals and classic layout.

SAINT HONORE is exploring a new facet to femininity with Opera, a watch and constant companion. Sophisticated or

lightweight depending on the time of day or night, Opera is a delicious mix of emotions and freshness. It personifies

seduction through its blend of watch making know-how, play of materials, sizes and colours and the magic of diamonds.

The totally-round case conjures up softness and femininity and underlines the exclusivity of this model with its two

different versions - 33 mm and 37 mm. The case is extended for even greater comfort by movable horns that match the

An innovative quick-change system makes the Opéra watch straps easily interchangeable (including the steel strap).

Change them when you feel like it! A wide variety of materials - leather, satin and metal - and colours are on offer. The

new Opéra is also available in more sedate versions, exuding a totally feminine presence full of grace.

Since 1885, SAINT HONORE has been renowned as a trendy watchmaker synonymous with the world-famous “Paris-

style”, and have created collections of unrivalled design. From Paris to New York, and Tokyo to Dubai, the brand’s

exceptional watch making expertise exerts an irresistible attraction on those who love contemporary pieces.

Today SAINT HONORE is a truly global brand with a presence in more than 50 countries and is a fast growing style

icon and creative force to reckon with. With two production houses utilizing centuries old traditions and expertise and

blending it with modern design trends to create a contemporary collection designed to meet the tastes of discerning

audiences worldwide. The Opera Collection is available across SAINT HONORE outlets across the Middle East.


First major milestone in AED350 million fleet expansion programme

Abu Dhabi, 9 August 2011 – Maximus Air Cargo, the UAE’ largest dedicated all cargo aircraft
operator, has taken delivery of the first of three new Airbus A300-600RP2F aircraft freighters.

The 46 tonnes maximum payload capacity plane, which arrived in Abu Dhabi this week following
completion of a conversion programme in Europe, has a non-stop range of 2650 nautical miles at
maximum payload and offers greater fuel efficiency than the older versions of the A300. It is the
world’s youngest airbus passenger plane ever to be converted to a freighter and represents the first
phase of an aggressive AED350 million expansion programme by the Abu Dhabi-based company.

At a ceremony in Dresden, Germany, Maximus Air Cargo President and CEO, Fathi Hilal Buhazza,
formally received the aircraft from Dr Andreas Sperl, President and CEO of EADS EFW, the Centre of
Excellence for Airbus passenger-to-freighter conversions within EADS.

“The new aircraft will become a key part of our fleet. It is expected to make a major contribution
to building the strength and network of our business,” said Buhazza. “The additional capacity will
help us significantly expand our footprint in emerging markets such as Asia and Africa, as well as
enhancing our worldwide charter services.”

Meanwhile, Sperl said that by acquiring three more of the popular A300-600RP2F wide-body
freighters, Maximus Air Cargo has the best aircraft to meet its growing airfreight demands.

“Welcoming a current operator of our converted freighters again at EADS EFW for further P2F
conversions, is the best possible indication of the product’s capability and performance,” he said at
the ceremony, which was also attended by several of Maximus’ senior management team and the
EADS EFW conversion team.

Dr. Sperl added that EFW has gained supreme experience after more than 170 wide body
conversions within the past 15 years. This was a remarkably well maintained aircraft on arrival and,
as a consequence, the four month maintenance and conversion ran as scheduled.

The conversion entailed the removal of all structural and system components that are no longer
needed such as seats and floor structures. Even the heart of the aircraft – the sensitive avionics – is
removed leaving only a bare shell.

Then the conversion begins with, consisting of among others, a special cargo door and the plugging
of all windows. Extra stability is required and that comes in the form of two strong frame shells, one
above the door, the other one below, while in the aircraft fuselage, the old frames are replaced with
stronger segments and new, stronger cross beams.

Inside, the cabin floor designed for passengers is replaced by a new floor structure with higher
strength. A cargo loading system, comprising ball mats and roller tracks for loading of containers
is then installed. The cockpit is modified and refurbished, with a courier area in the rear. Then the
upper frame shell is opened because it has to be strengthened for the future cargo door. This is
precision work undertaken by hand to within a millimetre.

Necessary adjustments and completion of the aircraft systems are then implemented and system
tests are performed. And finally, after Maximus carried out an inspection and an acceptance
schedule was completed , the aircraft is handed over.

“We hope the new addition to the Maximus fleet will contribute to the economic success of the
company and look forward to converting its next two aircraft in the coming months,” he concluded.

The A300-600RP2Fs in general are well known for the best in market ratio between excellent cargo
capabilities (such as perfect payload- volume ratio plus all benefits of a real wide body cross section)
and comparably low ramp price. For the 10 years that the A300-600RP2FR conversion has been on
the market. it has become the aircraft of choice in this freighter segment.

Dr. Sperl added: “In this particular case, I expect that this youngest Airbus passenger plane ever to
be converted into a freighter will be a highly reliable workhorse.”

Buhazza meanwhile stated that the entry into service of the new aircraft comes at a time when there
are positive signs that freight traffic is gaining significant momentum in the UAE.

“This aircraft gives us the best product for maximising returns,” he added. “In today’s competitive
market environment, customers look to suppliers for reliability and cost effectiveness, and this
airplane’s proven economics and efficiencies will provide us with a significant advantage in the air
cargo market, through reduced operating costs, which in turn will allow savings to be passed on to

“Moreover, the high utility and high efficiency of this aircraft will help open the next exciting chapter
of our development by further facilitating the dual business model of cargo charter and ACMI lease
solutions, and will strengthen our organizational readiness for the future.”

The aircraft joins two other Airbus A300-600RP2F which were also converted at EADS EFW back in

The second of the three Airbus A300-600RP2F acquired my Maximus in January (A6-SUL) has
already entered the EADS EFW facility and is scheduled for completion in September 2011, while the
third (A6-NIN) has arrived in Dresden waiting to enter the production line and is scheduled to enter
service by the end of this year.


When Montblanc launched its very own diamond cut, shaped like the brand’s star emblem, it demonstrated creativity and

a genuine passion for Haute Joaillerie. True to the brand’s spirit of constant innovation, the most recent design to come

from Montblanc’s ateliers is the patented Montblanc Cabochon, an original re-interpretation of the classic stone cut. The

Cabochon de Montblanc Collection is made up of colourful pieces using an exciting assortment of semi-precious and hard

stones, each in the shape of the Montblanc Star.

Montblanc’s master jewellers have designed pieces that remain true to the tradition of the Cabochon: the stones are highly

polished and cut convexly without facets. However, the traditionally round or oval shape of the Cabochon stone has been

replaced with the Montblanc Star, reminiscent of the snowy peak on Europe’s highest mountain. Demonstrating its versatility

and appeal to both women and men, the Cabochon Cut features in both ladies’ and men’s jewellery assortments.

Exploring the power and meaning conveyed by stones particularly prevalent in Eastern cultures, Montblanc has selected

stones that are recognized for their beneficial properties. The energy conveyed by these stones is said to carry a number of

benefits, these vary from good health and inner strength to confidence, prosperity and success. Each stone has a story to

For the Ladies’ Fine Jewellery Collection, the Cabochon Cut is featured on luxurious red gold settings, becoming true

statement pieces with the use of semi-precious stones in two major colour directions. The intense and passionate red and

pink stones such as Rhodolite Garnet and Carnelian are synonymous with confidence, power and passion.

On the other hand, the dreamlike and soothing variations white and blue stones such as Milky Quartz, Aquamarine, Iolite

and Amethyst are synonymous with contentment, humility or strength.

To enhance the rich colours of the stones, some of the more elaborate pieces are embellished with the small diamond pavé

that surrounds them. The assortment includes bold rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and an elaborate sautoir combining

Rose Quartz, Milky Quartz, Carnelian, Rhodolite Garnet and finished with diamonds. Presented in a stylish and luxurious

way, these pieces become a statement worn from day into night.

The Ladies’ Silver Jewellery Collection features the Cabochon Cut in a more romantic treatment through the use of pastel

colours – a delicate light Rose Quartz and a subtle light Blue Chalcedony married with pure sterling silver. The stones

are set in a very feminine style on rich chains, architectural bracelets, playful bangles and long moving earrings as well

as delicate earstuds. These pieces will appeal to the successful and fashion-conscious young lady looking to reaffirm her

individual style through her choice of feminine jewellery.

The Men’s Contemporary Collection welcomes the Cabochon Cut in a bolder treatment with hard stones that reflect

masculinity, strength and confidence. The stainless steel cuff links from this Collection feature deep black Onyx and

Sodalith, a stone with grey and beige inclusions. For a softer look, the discerning man can opt for cuff links carrying either

quartz crystal or rose quartz – both stones recognized for bringing peace of mind and inner balance.

The Cabochon de Montblanc Collection masterfully combines an original new cut with playful designs that will appeal to

those who wish to have fun with their choice of jewellery pieces and accessories. Those who wish to tell a story through their

choice of stones but also through the meaning of the stones used across each of the jewellery collection.


DUNKIN’ DONUTS, the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain, has recently introduced a new

refreshing cold chocolate beverage drink topped with Kit Kat chocolate that packs all the flavour of its

renowned regular hot coffee, but at a chilled temperature that promises to help take the heat out of the


Mr. David Rodgers, DUNKIN’ DONUTS General Manager, is convinced that the new drink will prove a hit

during the hot summer months, when customers prefer a drink that will cool them down, but still demand

the same superior taste from the brand’s signature blend. “All our coffee comes from selected high grade

beans and DUNKIN’ DONUTS has a justifiable reputation for brewing the best coffee,” he says. “The

refreshing beverage is ideal for our busy customers needing a quick nourishing drink with the goodness

of cold chocolate,this beverage is ideal as a light in between snack at any time of day that would provide

quick energy throughout the day.”He adds.

The cold chocolate drink is made doubly delicious with the addition of Kit Kat chocolate for the coming

hot summer months.

Dubai International Film Festival to bring award-winning Palestinian tale ‘Pomegranates and Myrrh’ to UAE in September

Theatrical run includes Sept 1 to 14 screenings at Reel Cinemas, Dubai Mall; Sept 15 to 28 at
Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi

Dubai, UAE; August 9, 2011: Pomegranates and Myrrh, one of the most original, powerful and
internationally acclaimed Palestinian films of recent years, will return to the UAE for a special
theatrical run in September, the Dubai International Film Festival said today.

Part romance, part drama and part political comment, the film, directed by Najwa Najjar, made
its world premiere at DIFF 2008 before going on to successes and rave reviews at the Sundance,
Rotterdam, Edinburgh, Durban, Locarno, Berlin, Cannes and other global festivals in addition to
special screenings across the United States.

It will screen in the UAE next month as part of the Dubai International Film Festival’s year-round
support of quality independent Arab cinema. In Dubai, the film will screen from September 1 to
14 at The Picturehouse, the dedicated arthouse cinema in Reel Cinemas, Dubai Mall; and at Vox
Cinemas, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi from September 15 to 28. The film is distributed by Founoon

Film Distribution.

Set in Ramallah this decade, Pomegranates and Myrrh narrates the story of a dancer whose
husband is imprisoned after defending her from an attack by a settler. In his absence and faced
with the threat of land confiscation, she seeks to regain her lifelong love of dance – and in so
doing meets a Palestinian returnee and choreographer. The film stars veterans of Arab cinema
Hiam Abbas, Yassmine Al Massri, Ali Suleiman and Ashraf Farah.

Critics around the world have applauded the film’s first-rate acting, screenwriting and
cinematography, and described Pomegranates and Myrrh as ‘accessible and remarkably well
made – not just for a film from this region, but anywhere;’ ‘100% worth a look;’ ‘a heartfelt
romance,’ and among ‘the best political films.’

DIFF Artistic Director Masoud Amralla Al Ali said the Festival is delighted to help bring quality,
contemporary and independent Arab cinema to the UAE audience outside of the Dubai
International Film Festival and Gulf Film Festival.

“Our Arab film industry is home to extraordinary films and talents, and we are committed to
providing them with the largest possible platform, through the festivals, through our work to
promote Arab cinema abroad, and right here at home in the UAE. Appreciation of Arab cinema

can only thrive when there is access to it,” he said.

In 2010, the Festival also organized a theatrical run of the top-rated Algerian drama
Masquerades at The Picturehouse, as part of the partnership between DIFF and Reel Cinemas
as part to screen a selection of critically acclaimed films. DIFF is looking to build more year-round
initiatives, he added.

Pomegranates and Myrrh won the award for the ‘Screenplay Development Fund’ at the Amiens
International Film Festival; four awards at the Festival de San Sebastian Cinema in Motion
(2008); ‘Best Arab Film’ Audience Awards at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival (2009); the ‘Grand
Prix’ at the Amal Arab European Film Festival (2009); ‘Best Actress’ and ‘Best Cinematographer’
at the Muscat International Film Festival (2010); and the Youssef Chahine ‘Grand Prix de
Cinema’ and ‘Special Mention for Best Actress’ at the Festival International de Cinéma d’Auteur
de Rabat (2010).

DIFF is held in association with Dubai Studio City. Dubai Duty Free, Dubai International
Financial Centre, Dubai Pearl, Emirates Airline and Madinat Jumeirah, the home of the Dubai
International Film Festival, are the principal sponsors of DIFF. The Festival is supported by the
Dubai Culture & Arts Authority.

DM distributes 4250 Iftar kits in labour accommodation

Dubai Municipality started distributing Iftar kits for its labours in labour accommodation
from the first day of Ramadan. The distribution has been organized every year by
municipality with the support of different charity organisations in the emirate.

A municipality official said that 4250 kits are distributed every day for labourers
in Muhaisina, Uwair and Al Quz labour accommodations by housing and internal
transportation section of Human Resource Department.

“Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Dubai also involved in the programme. It provides
scholars to deliver Islamic lectures in different languages of inhabitants. It also honours the
participants and winners of Quran memorization programme organized for labourers” he

Francois Galoisy appointed as the new General Manager of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media

The Rezidor Hotel Group – one of the fastest growing hotel companies worldwide - announces the

appointment of François Galoisy as General Manager of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City.

Galoisy, a French national, has gained extensive experience in the hospitality industry, having worked in

a number of Food & Beverage management positions for various international hotel chains including Le

Meridien and Shangri-La over the past 20 years.

Galoisy has worked all over the world including Turkey, China, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand.

His experience in the Middle East is extensive; he started his career in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, two

decades ago and has since held various positions throughout the region.

Galoisy first joined Rezidor as Executive Assistant Manager at the Radisson SAS Hotel, Dubai Media

City in UAE in November 2005 and was promoted to General Manager of the Park Inn Muscat in Oman

in July 2008, his most recent position.

“François has previously worked at this property during its pre-opening, so we welcome him and his

family back to Dubai and we very much look forward to a successful end of 2011 and a great start for

2012.’ says Marko Hytonen, Area Vice President, Rezidor Hotel Group.

François succeeds Mr. Pasquale Baiguera who has moved to the Radisson Blu Conference and Airport

Hotel, Istanbul.

François holds a diploma in Hotel Management from Lycée Technique Hôtelier in Bordeaux, France and

speaks French, English and Spanish.

DM starts implementation of Family Court Project

Dubai Municipality has started the project to establish a Family Court building under Dubai
Courts. The building is located in Al Garhoud area and would be completed in 450 days.

The architectural design of the building will take into account the requirements of Dubai
Courts to accommodate changes and developments in future.

The building consists of two vaults for parking. The ground floor consists of main entrance
and offices of public service, and the first floor is allocated for halls of hearing rooms and
judges. The second floor is also for halls of hearing rooms and advisers. The administration
offices and Chamber of lectures have been distributed on third floor, while the area for
future expansion is on the fourth floor, with a total construction area of 189,944 square

The Audi urban concept – a completely new kind of concept car

•An innovative urban concept car with 1+1 seats
•Sleek cockpit made from CFRP, free-standing wheels with protective plates
•Elaborate suspension, compact electric drive system for sporty performance

Ingolstadt, August 10, 2011 – Audi is once again opening up new horizons: the
Audi urban concept is a 1+1-seat, ultra-light car for congested urban spaces. The
technical study does not fit under any of the conventional categories – the Audi
urban concept combines elements of a racing car, a roadster, a fun car and an
urban car into one radical new concept.

The Audi urban concept is not based on any previous model – its development is
solely oriented on the strict principles of lightweight construction, efficiency and
reduction. The result is a concept car with no unnecessary weight, and one that
concentrates on the pure essence of sporty motion.

The Audi urban concept has a sleek body. The wheels are free-standing, their
surrounding protective plates feature blinking strips of LED lights. The highly
concentrated look of the technical study, with its forward-urging lines, is dynamic
and emotional – it lends Audi’s design language a completely new impetus.

On board there is room for two people, their position slightly staggered and at
a sporty, low level. All controls and materials are subject to the dictates of ultra-
lightweight construction in order to ensure they convey a completely unique,
sensory allure. The driver can adjust the steering wheel and pedals to his own
body measurements. Entry to the car is via the tailgate. The roof is designed to be
maneuverable and slides to the rear to open.

The technology in the Audi urban concept reflects the full capabilities of the brand,
especially when it comes to ultra-lightweight construction. The cockpit consists of
carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, which integrates the undercarriage of both seats.
The Audi urban concept rolls on wheels with a 21-inch diameter.

Two e-tron electric motors provide the propulsion – providing the ultra-light Audi
urban concept with the ability to accelerate powerfully. A lithium-ion battery supplies
the energy – ideal for extended city tours.

ADIB and UAE Exchange Partner for Card Payments

Wide network of UAE Exchange branches to benefit ADIB customers

Abu Dhabi, 10- August 2011 - Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), a top-tier Islamic

financial services group, announced today that it has appointed UAE Exchange,

the leading global remittance and foreign exchange brand, as a collection agency

for Covered Card payments by the bank’s customers. UAE Exchange has a wide

network of branches across the UAE at which ADIB Covered Cardholders can

settle their payments at no extra cost.

The new service will be free-of-charge and Covered Card payments can be made

during UAE Exchange branch timings of 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on weekdays.

The partnership agreement with UAE Exchange demonstrates the steps ADIB

is taking to offer added convenience and value to customers. The move adds

to ADIB’s growing range of services aimed at enabling customers to efficiently

manage their banking operations.

Customers also have access to ADIB’s Internet banking service, its 66 strong

branch network around the UAE, telephone banking services, and over 200 ADIB

ATM and CCDMs.

Thousands participate in Yalla Walk initiative

The opening ceremony of Dubai Municipality’s “Yalla Walk – Every Step is a Reward” initiative was
a massive successful event with more than 600 people registering on the first day across all five
designated parks.

To date more than 4000 people have registered and received their welcome pack, which includes the
Pedometer, T-shirt and instructions. Every registered walker has to update the walked distance, which
would be converted to charity fund from Dubai Municipality and Al Maktoum Charity Foundation for
needy people.

The initiative sponsored by Fitness Giant Reebok and supported by Al Maktoum Foundation and Al
Fattan Properties kicked off at the beginning of Ramadan in the public parks of Dubai. The move
is aimed at educating the public about healthy habits during Ramadan, raising charity funds and
encouraging people to walk in any of walking tracks across Dubai.

Zena Habi, Reebok fitness expert said that one can’t emphasize enough on the benefits of exercise
and the need to take care of one’s body. Through our association with the Yalla Walk Ramadan
initiative by Dubai Municipality, we wish to raise awareness of walking and promote healthy living.

“I advise everyone to go for a 30 minute brisk walk after Iftar. It will increase body metabolism and
help digestion, eventually keeping one away from serious medical complications such as diabetes,
high blood cholesterol, etc” she added.

Zena will be on hand at Reebok tent to provide health and fitness advice to walkers at Safa Park
every Monday and Zabeel Park on Wednesday evenings between 8.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m.

The Yalla Walk initiative was established to promote walking, as an easy and economic way to stay fit
and healthy that people can easily apply into their day-to-day life. Municipality has provided residents
with 33 safe and accessible walking tracks in urban and rural contexts.

“The campaign aims to help the needy people and promote walking as well as to support charity under
the slogan “Each step is a Reward’, and the doors are open for institutions and individuals to help raise
the charity fund by supporting the Municipality in this initiative,” Lootah said.

Participants can raise the funds allocated by Municipality and its partners by merely walking. The more
participants collectively walk at any of the walking tracks; the more funds are raised for the charity.
Distances will be recorded on individual pedometers, supplied to participants upon initial registration.

A fundraising meter installed at each park will record the distance collectively walked and will serve to
help the public keep track of the funds they have raised. The participants can also update their walked
distance through SMS or online.

Beat the Traffic with Nokia’s New Real-Time Traffic Update Service

 UAE drivers can now get there faster and easier using their Nokia smartphone and the newly launched Nokia Maps real time traffic service.

Dubai, 11th August 2011 – Owners of Nokia’s range of smartphones can now be one step ahead of other road users and avoid congestion through the newly launched Nokia Maps real time traffic service, which provides real-time live traffic updates for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, and comes pre-loaded on all the latest Nokia smartphones. The Nokia Maps traffic service is powered by the NAVTEQ Traffic Pro service from the leading global provider of location content in the form of maps, traffic and places data that enables navigation, location-based services and mobile advertising.

Nokia’s new Nokia Maps traffic service delivers up-to-the-minute traffic information, accurately reflecting real-time conditions on motorways, main and secondary roads. In the UAE, it covers the key metropolitan areas of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. By using the in-built ‘map’ feature on their handsets, Nokia users can see exactly the roads to avoid when on the move and ensure they get to their destination quickly and efficiently.
According to recent studies, drivers using traffic enabled navigation devices experienced dramatic time savings, spending 18% less time driving on an average trip versus drivers without navigation.  If applied over the course of a year, a driver who does not currently use a navigation device would save themselves 4 days of driving each year if they had a traffic-enabled navigation system. Additionally, by using traffic-enabled navigation, these drivers can reduce their CO2 emissions by approximately 20% by avoiding congested routes on their way to their destination.
UAE traffic information is received directly from NAVTEQ, the world leader in mapping & navigation services.  NAVTEQ collects UAE real time traffic information from many sources including fleet companies and approximately 100,000 Nokia Maps users. These users share their actual location & speed information anonymously, generating accurate live traffic information throughout the day. “Nokia’s new traffic update service is what UAE drivers have been demanding for many years and we are delighted to be the first mobile phone manufacturer to be able to offer this essential tool to our customers.

This new service shows our dedication to Nokia’s customers and underlines our drive to offer practical and intelligent benefits and solutions to them,” said Tom Farrell, General Manager, Nokia Lower Gulf. Based on the world’s most diverse traffic collection network, NAVTEQ Traffic Pro aims to provide peerless information so consumers know where and when to drive. NAVTEQ aggregates and analyses data from a vast array of sources, including the world’s largest compilation of both commercial and consumer probe data; the world’s largest fixed proprietary sensor network; event-based data collected from government sources; and billions of historical traffic records.  

TAV Airports to provide insights into Medina Airport project at EMASC 2011

Dr. Waleed Youssef,
Chief Strategy Officer,
TAV Airports.

• Medina Airport is the first PPP project for the aviation
industry in the Gulf region
• Phase 1 of the project valued at US$ 1 billion

Dubai, UAE, 13th of August, 2011: Arabian Reach is excited to announce that TAV

Airports Holding, one of the world’s leading airport operators, will be taking
part in the Emerging Markets Airport Suppliers Conference (EMASC 2011), to be
held on 12th & 13th December 2011 at the Al Bustan Rotana hotel in Dubai.

The conference focuses on major airport projects under construction and
expansion in the Emerging Markets of the Middle East, Africa, Asia & Eastern
Europe and will provide updates on new solutions and technologies available in
the market for efficiency, safety, speed and comfort in airports. It is estimated
that Emerging Markets have allocated more than US$150 billion for airport
development projects over the next few years.

“As a key supporter of EMASC 2011, TAV Airports has been given an opportunity
to address the conference and share their experiences, achievements and
future projects with those present in the audience,” said Raj Menon, General
Manager of Arabian Reach, the organizers of the event. “Interestingly, they
have chosen to make a presentation on the gulf region’s first public-private
partnership (PPP) project for the aviation industry - Saudi Arabia’s Medina
Airport, for which they recently won tender for operating rights for next 25

“We are sure this presentation by TAV Airports will add a dynamic element to
the conference’s agenda and the information on the Medina Airport project will
be hugely beneficial to suppliers and other attendees at the conference,” he

Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most important economies of Arabian
Peninsula and the Middle East; its two major cities Mecca and Medina are the

most significant places of the Islamic World attracting millions of pilgrimage
visitors every year providing a big boost to its aviation industry.

The first phase of the Medina Airport project, valued at US $1 billion, will
double the Medina airport’s capacity from four million to eight million
passengers per year, through construction of a new terminal building and the
renovation of the runway, apron and taxiway systems. Phase two is planned for
the next decade and will further increase capacity to 16 million passengers.

TAV Airports currently operates Istanbul Atatürk Airport, Ankara Esenboga
Airport, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal and Antalya
Gazipasa Airport in Turkey as well as two airports each in Georgia, Tunisia and
Macedonia. TAV Airport officials will be on hand during sessions to share their
knowledge and experiences in managing these projects.

A large number of high-profile speakers have already confirmed their
participation in EMASC 2011. The roster will be led by the Mohamed Abed,
Director General, King Abdul Aziz International Airport, who will deliver
the keynote address at the event. Other high-profile speakers include: Dr.
Waleed Youssef, Chief Strategy Officer, TAV Airports Holding; Dio Papiomytis,
Principal Consultant, Frost & Sullivan, EIA – London; Ali Salhi, Chairman, Kirkuk
International Airport; Ali Jawad, Director, Baghdad International Airport; Talar
Faiq, Director, Erbil International Airport; Martin Wambuya, Chairman, Kenya
Airport; Hari Marar, V.P., Bangalore International Airport; Niren Choudhari,
Sr. Manager, Alcatel Lucent; Dr. Khaled Almazroui, General Manager, Fujairah
International Airport; and Tahir Abdulla, Director, Sulaymaniyah International
Airport. Many others are under invitation and their names will be announced
upon confirmation.

Besides TAV Airports, EMASC 2011 is supported by GATE (German Airport
Technology & Equipment, Middle East Aerospace Consortium, Iraq Aerospace
group, Green Aviation and Logistics Group.

EMASC has a select number of sponsorship opportunities and delegate
passes available for companies and individuals that would like to attend or
associate their brand with the conference. We will be pleased to discuss your
requirements and are sure to have a package that suits your needs. We will
provide you with either one of our standard packages or together we can plan
to customize to meet your individual needs and budgets.

Harrisons Malayalam Launches its New Tea Mark – ‘Moongalaar Gold’

Kochi: The Kochi-based RPG-enterprise Harrisons Malayalam Ltd. (HML) has launched “Moongalaar Gold”, a new tea mark in the local domestic auction market. The new brand is named after the famed Moongalaar Estate where it is manufactured at, in the Peermede–Kumli region of Iduki District. The agro-climatic conditions of this region produce some of the finest teas in South India which are known for its brighter cup colour and strength.  The company boasts of own captive gardens of over 3600 acres in this area and is now going to dedicate this primarily for producing high quality CTC dust teas. From these vast, own plantations, HML would be able to maintain the consistent quality and quantity of teas which are to be auctioned in Cochin and Coimbatore,

The launching of the new brand coincides with Harrisons Malayalam’s recently completed modernization and expansion of their Moongalaar factory. The company had made huge investments in a new fermentation system and high capacity driers in order to make teas that are among the very best and suited specifically for the Kerala palate. Throughout these years, Kerala tea consumer has become very selective and quality conscious with the willingness to pay extra for better quality. This has been reflected in the steady higher prices fetched by the better marks available for sale. The company strongly believes that Moongalaar Gold will position itself as preferred mark in this category of teas.

The company produces close to 20 million kilograms of tea out of which 50% are earmarked for exports. HML is the largest producer of Orthodox teas in India which is almost entirely consumed abroad. Hitherto, the company was focusing of developing this international market and has been exporting to more than 20 countries. However, from this year onwards, the company has decided to cater to the domestic markets as well. While HML will continue to develop their export market, special efforts are being made to develop products that are best suited for the domestic market too.

It’s CTC dust teas that are preferred in South India, especially in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. More specifically, the Kerala consumer is very quality conscious and is willing to pay much higher prices in line with quality. This is evident from the recent price realizations in the Cochin tea auctions conducted by the Tea Board of India. Best quality dust teas sell in the Rs.100 + range while the poorer quality teas sell at half the price. Poor quality teas are sold sometimes at below Rs. 50 level especially in the high cropping months of May and June. This is the reason why HML has decided on producing CTC teas that are among the very best in the market. CTC leaf grade teas are mainly consumed in the Northern states with a large proportion being exported to Pakistan and Middle East countries.

HML enjoys the unique advantage of having large tea growing areas in different agro-climatic zones and each has got its own unique characteristics. In the Peermede region, HML has over 3600 acres of tea. These teas are particularly known for bright golden liquors, strength and pleasant taste. Besides this, HML also has over 3300 acres in the High Range–Munnar region. Teas from this region are known for their high elevation characteristics of aroma in the liquor and bright red colour.  In the Wynaad and Nilgiri-Wynaad regions, the company has close to 8000 acres of tea plantations. The specialty of this region is the body of the liquor which is strong and makes more cups per unit quantity of tea powder. Because of these combinations of advantages, HML is in a position to exploit markets of different hues and preferences. This is coupled with the fact that HML has 150 years of experience in the field and experienced personnel in their factories.
HML is also in the process of upgrading another of its factories and launch another premium quality mark “Surya” in the next couple of weeks. They have planned a series on buyer meetings in different parts of Kerala to interact and receive feedback on their new initiatives. With this, HML believes that they would be as close to the consumer as possible to be able to deliver the products of their choices.     

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dubai International Film Festival extends access to its 2011 co-production market with new deadline, added flexibility

Filmmakers can enter 5th Dubai Film Connection by Aug. 22, submit scripts in
Arabic, French or English

Dubai, UAE; August 10, 2011: The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), held under the
patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and
Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has extended its submission deadline for the fifth
cycle of Dubai Film Connection, DIFF’s co-production market, until August 22, 2011.

For the first time, Dubai Film Connection will also accept scripts in Arabic and French in addition
to English – opening its doors to a wider pool of filmmakers from the Middle East region and
around the world.

The twin changes are the Festival’s response to growing feedback and requests from Arab and
Arab-origin filmmakers keen to participate in the Middle East’s most successful co-production
market. The Dubai Film Connection has already received more than 100 entries prior to its
original August 1 deadline.

Launched in 2007, the Dubai Film Connection selects 15 regional documentary and feature film
projects in development annually, offering more than US$100,000 in funding. In addition, the
co-production market also provides emerging filmmakers with invaluable industry connections,
including matchmaking with specialists in sales, distribution, and funding. Since its inception, it
has showcased 64 projects from the Middle East, of which 18 films have been completed and
debuted to international acclaim and an additional 10 are in production.

Shivani Pandya, Managing Director, Dubai International Film Festival, said: “In just five years,
the Dubai Film Connection has built a strong portfolio of Middle Eastern cinema that has
gone on to significant regional and international success. We consider the growing filmmaker
interest in our co-production market to be very positive, and have done as much as we can to
accommodate their requests.”

The Dubai Film Connection awards include a €6,000 prize from ARTE France; US$10,000 Film
Clinic award for a debut feature film; three DIFF awards of US$25,000; US$15,000 Screen
Institute Beirut DIFF Documentary Award; and five registrations for producers from the Arab
world to the prestigious Producers Network at Cannes 2012.

The Dubai Film Connection's completed films include: Amreeka (Cherien Dabis, USA/Kuwait);
The Avenue of the Wounded Palm Trees (Abdellatif Ben Ammar, Tunisia/Algeria); Beit Sha'ar/
Nomad's Home (Iman Kamel, Egypt/Germany/Kuwait/UAE); City of Life (Ali Mostafa, UAE);

Death for Sale (Faouzi Bensaidi, Morocco, France, Belgium); Everyday is a Holiday (Dima El Horr,
Lebanon/France); The Fifth String (Selma Bargach, Morocco); Fix Me (Raed Andoni, Palestine/
Switzerland); Man Without a Cell Phone (Sameh Zoabi, Palestine/Germany); Messages From the
Sea (Saoud Abdel Sayed, Morocco); The One Man Village (Simon El Habre, Lebanon/Germany);
Port of Memory (Kamal Aljafari, Palestine/Germany); Son of Babylon (Mohamed Al Daradji, Iraq,
UK); Tangled up in Blue (Haider Rashid, Iraq/UK/Saudi Arabia/Italy); This is my Picture When
I Was Dead (Mahmoud Al Massad, Jordan/Netherlands); We Were Communists (Maher Abi
Samra, Lebanon/ UAE/France); Zelal (Marianne Khoury, Mustapha Hasnaoui, Egypt/France/
Morocco/UAE); Zindeeq (Michel Khleifi, Palestine).

DIFF is currently also receiving entries for its Muhr Awards for Emirati, Arab, and AsiaAfrica
films, as well as for the official out-of-competition segment at its eighth edition to be held from
Dec. 7 to 14, 2011. The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2011.

DIFF is held in association with Dubai Studio City. Dubai Duty Free, Dubai International
Financial Centre, Dubai Pearl, Emirates Airline and Madinat Jumeirah, the home of the Dubai
International Film Festival, are the principal sponsors of DIFF. The Festival is supported by the
Dubai Culture & Arts Authority.

For more and updated information about DIFF, please visit or join DIFF

Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD) and the Higher
Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp)
have signed a service level agreement (SLA) governing
joint cooperation, data exchange between the two sides
and reproduction of ZonesCorp’s data. The agreement will
help obviate the duplication of statistical work at the level of
Abu Dhabi Emirate and to promote the use of high quality
and consistent statistics by policy-makers and the general
public, without prejudice to the competencies of the parties
as outlined in their respective establishing laws. These
competencies include, for instance, the right of SCAD to
conduct statistical surveys or to run other statistical work
within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi at its own discretion.

The SLA was signed at the premises of the SCAD by HE Butti
Ahmed Mohammed Bin Butti Al Qubaisi, Director of Statistics
Centre - Abu Dhabi and HE Mohamed Hasan Al Qemzi,
CEO, ZonesCorp, in the presence of a number of executive
managers and senior officials from the two sides.

Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi's reiterated its keenness to
cooperate with the ZonesCorp on improving data collection
mechanisms, proper recording of metadata related to
the Corporation’s scope, noting that the metadata for

any given class of information can help in any search,
interpretation, or processing the data itself, such as
metadata pertaining to population statistics, geographic
methodologies, questionnaires, backgrounds and the scope
of work and other topics.

The two sides also agreed to review and adopt a common
set of standards for the data to be exchanged, such as data
format standards, semantic standards, statistical concepts
and data structure definitions. And in order to put this
cooperation into effect, each party will provide the other
with its available statistics on the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In
this regard SCAD will provide ZonesCorp with templates
that will facilitate data collection and metadata recording.
The templates provided by SCAD will enable ZonesCorp to
establish, maintain and make available to SCAD a registry of
all its data collections, together with the metadata pertaining
to each class of the data collected.

Cooperation between the two sides also includes joint
preparation of labour force statistics in the Emirate of Abu
Dhabi, joint participation in various events, workshops
and meetings held with other government departments to
discuss issues related to labour force statistics or any other
statistical studies undertaken in the future.

SCAD and ZonesCorp also stressed the need on the part
of both sides to take best advantage of electronic data
transmission, renewing their commitment to protect the
confidentiality of exchanged data and coordinate with each
other to produce such data as to support the Emirate’s
development efforts.

SCAD’s Director General asserted that Statistics Centre -

Abu Dhabi is committed to working in close cooperation
with its strategic partners, including government and non-
government agencies, universities and research centres and
all parties concerned with statistical work in the emirate,
to enhance cooperation towards maximizing the usefulness
of the of statistical resources of Abu Dhabi Emirate and
building a strong statistical system that is based on sound
scientific principles and conforms to the best statistical
practices, with the aim of placing Abu Dhabi statistical
system by 2013 among the world’s top rated statistical
systems in terms of the quality, relevance, accuracy and
timeliness of the statistics compiled.

HE Al Qubaisi remarked that SCAD took strong interest in
signing this SLA, given the vast experience of ZonesCorp
in the regulation, licensing, monitoring and supervision of
industrial and economic activities within as well as outside
specialized economic zones in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Al
Qubaisi commended the efforts of ZonesCorp in providing
a full range of data on the whole spectrum of industrial
activities in the Emirate, expressing SCAD’s willingness to
extend any possible support the Corporation might need to
successfully implement its economic strategy.

For his part, ZonesCorp CEO, HE Mohamed Hasan Al Qemzi,
hailed the signing of the SLA, commending the role of
Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi as the body that caters to the
needs of all government agencies in the Emirate through
the statistical plans prepared by SCAD as the sole entity
authorized and responsible for the collection, classification,
storage, analysis and dissemination of official statistics and
the release of the results of social, demographic, economic,
environmental and cultural surveys.

It is worth mentioning that the Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi
plans to sign 43 SLA’s that are set to support decision-
and policy makers and the business sector to shape their
strategic plans on the basis of accurate figures and reliable

Dubai International Arbitration Centre appoints new Director -

DIAC registers an 11% increase in the number of arbitration
cases received during H1 2011
Nassib G. Ziadé has 25 years’ experience in the administration of
international legal proceedings


Dubai, UAE: Dubai International Arbitration Centre, a Dubai Chamber

initiative, registered 206 arbitration cases between January and June

this year, compared to 186 in the first half of 2010, an increase of


DIAC, an independent, non-profit arbitration institution which provides

flexible and impartial mechanisms to settle international commercial

disputes, recently appointed Nassib G. Ziadé as its new Director.

Mr. Ziadé was the Deputy Secretary-General of the International

Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) between 2007

and 2011, and he also served between April 2008 and June 2009

as Acting Secretary-General of ICSID. He served as the Executive

Secretary of the World Bank Administrative Tribunal from 1997 to




development of international tribunals. He also brings extensive

experience in private and public international law, international

arbitration and international administrative law.







During his career, Mr. Ziadé advised the Government of Bahrain on the

establishment of its Constitutional Court. He has also advised several

international organisations on the establishment and functioning of

their international administrative tribunals. He was a member of the

Grievance Process Review Committee which reviewed and reformed

the World Bank’s Internal Conflict Resolution System.

Professor Martin Hunter, Chairman of DIAC’s Board of Trustees,

said: “Nassib Ziadé has the high level of expertise and experience


permanent Director and we are confident that he will steer the Centre

successfully through the challenges presented by its current caseload,

which has increased substantially both in volume and complexity since

the global financial problems that started in 2008. We are delighted

that he has accepted the position and look forward to working with

him to enhance the performance and reputation of DIAC during the

next phase of its development.”

Board of Trustees was seeking when appointing the new

Symantec Announces July 2011 Symantec Intelligence Report

Viruses changing at an alarming rate to evade traditional malware detection

Dubai, UAE – August 10, 2011– Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced the publication
of its July 2011 Symantec Intelligence Report, now combining the best research and analysis from the MessageLabs Intelligence Report and the Symantec State of Spam & Phishing Report. This
month’s analysis reveals a significant increase in activity related to what may be described as an aggressive
and rapidly changing form of generic polymorphic[1] malware. With one in 280.9 emails identified as
malicious in July, the rise accounted for 23.7 percent of all email-borne malware intercepted in July; more than
double the same figure six months ago, indicating a much more aggressive strategy on the part of the cyber
criminals responsible.

“The number of variants, or different strains of malware involved in each attack has grown dramatically, by a
factor of 25 times, when compared to the previous six months.  This is a disturbing proliferation in such a short
time, increasing the risk profiles of many organizations as these new strains are much harder to detect using
traditional security defenses,” said Bulent Teksoz, Security Strategist at Symantec.

The report shows that the malware is frequently contained inside an executable within the attached ZIP archive
file, and often disguised as a PDF file or an office document, for example. “This new aggressive approach
to distributing generic polymorphic malware on such a scale should be concerning for many businesses,
particularly for those who rely solely on more traditional security countermeasures, which this type of malware
is designed to evade. One example of this technique involves changing the startup code in almost every version
of the malware; subtly changing the structure of the code and making it harder for emulators built-in to many
anti-virus products to identify the code as malicious,” added Teksoz.

Further analysis also reveals that phishing attacks have been seeking various means to exploit vulnerable cell
phone users. According to Wood, “Two key areas in which we can see this trend are, firstly, the increase in
phishing against wireless application protocol (WAP) pages, which are lightweight Web pages designed for
smaller mobile devices such as cell phones; and secondly, the use of compromised domain names that have
been registered for mobile devices, for example, using the .mobi top-level domain.”

Symantec has identified phishing sites spoofing such Web pages and has been monitoring the trend. In July,
social networking and information services brands were frequently observed in these phishing sites. The
primary motive of these attacks continues to be identity theft. Targeting cell phone users is just part of a new
strategy for achieving the same result.

Other report highlights:

Spam: While only producing 2.4% of global spam Saudi Arabia still remains the most spammed geography in
the World at 85.6%.

Phishing: In July, phishing email activity increased by 0.01 percentage points since June 2011; one in 319.3
emails (0.313 percent) comprised some form of phishing attack.

E-mail-borne Threats: The global ratio of email-borne viruses in email traffic was one in 280.9 emails (0.333
percent) in July, an increase of 0.01 percentage points since June 2011.

Web-based Malware Threats: In July, Symantec Intelligence identified an average of 6,797 Web sites each
day harboring malware and other potentially unwanted programs including spyware and adware; an increase of
25.5 percent since June 2011.

Endpoint Threats:  The most frequently blocked malware for the last month was W32.Ramnit!html. This
is a generic detection for .HTML files infected by W32.Ramnit[2], a worm that spreads through removable
drives and by infecting executable files. The worm spreads by encrypting and then appending itself to files
with .DLL, .EXE and .HTM extensions. Variants of the Ramnit worm accounted for 17.3 percent of all
malicious software blocked by endpoint protection technology in July.

Geographical Trends:

• As the global spam level declined in July 2011, Saudi Arabia remained the most spammed geography,
with a spam rate of 85.6 percent Russia remained the second most-spammed.
• In the US, 78.0 percent of email was spam and 77.7 percent in Canada.
• The spam level in the UK was 78.2 percent.
• In The Netherlands, spam accounted for 78.8 percent of email traffic, 77.9 percent in Germany, 77.6
percent in Denmark and 75.8 percent in Australia.
• In Hong Kong, 76.8 percent of email was blocked as spam and 75.7 percent in Singapore, compared
with 74.7 percent in Japan.
• Spam accounted for 76.9 percent of email traffic in South Africa and 78.7 percent in Brazil.
• Phishing attacks in the UK increased to overtake South Africa and become the most targeted
geography for phishing emails in July, with one in 127.9 emails identified as phishing attacks.
Phishing in South Africa fell slightly to make it the second most targeted country, with one in 163.1
emails identified as phishing attacks.
• Phishing levels for the US were one in 1,237 and one in 192.6 for Canada.
• In Germany phishing levels were one in 798.3, one in 1,448 in Denmark and one in 526.9 in The
• In Australia, phishing activity accounted for one in 850.8 emails and one in 2,503 in Hong Kong; for
Japan it was one in 13,167 and one in 872.9 for Singapore.
• In Brazil, one in 382.4 emails were blocked as phishing attacks.

E-mail-borne threats
• Email-borne malware attacks rose in South Africa as the country became the geography with the
highest ratio of malicious emails in July, overtaking the UK as one in 125.2 emails was identified as
malicious in July; in the UK one in 127.0 emails was malicious.
• In the US, virus levels for email-borne malware were one in 634.8 and one in 255.9 for Canada.
• In Germany virus activity reached one in 482.1, one in 1,033 in Denmark and in The Netherlands one
in 451.3.
• In Australia, one in 654.8 emails were malicious and one in 748.7 in Hong Kong; for Japan it was one
in 2,093, compared with one in 761.8 in Singapore.
• In Brazil, one in 332.1 emails in contained malicious content.

Vertical Trends:
• In July, the Automotive industry sector remained the most spammed industry sector, with a spam rate
of 80.7 percent.
• Spam levels for the Education sector reached 80.3 percent and 77.9 percent for the Chemical &
Pharmaceutical sector; 77.8 percent for IT Services, 77.8 percent for Retail, 77.0 percent for Public
Sector and 77.0 percent for Finance.
• The Public Sector remained the most targeted by phishing activity in July, with one in 73.2 emails
comprising a phishing attack.
• Phishing levels for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical sector were one in 799.0 and one in 566.2 for the
IT Services sector; one in 482.3 for Retail, one in 87.8 for Education and one in 396.7 for Finance.
• With one in 62.1 emails being blocked as malicious, the Public Sector remained the most targeted
industry in July.
• Virus levels for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical sector were one in 438.9 and one in 390.0 for the IT
Services sector; one in 418.3 for Retail, one in 79.1 for Education and one in 443.5 for Finance.

The July 2011 Symantec Intelligence Report provides greater detail on all of the trends and figures noted
above, as well as more detailed geographical and vertical trends. The full report is available here.