Thursday, July 28, 2011

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE GRIP! One Sports Launches Revolutionary Badminton Racket 'Thwack'

Don’t you hate those times, when you see the shuttle cock coming your way, you know you can hit it, but somehow miss the shot and don’t know why? Well, One Sports has the answer. The company has just launched a specially crafted badminton racket,

Thwack, which enhances your game as a player. With embedded grooves for the finger placement, the racket teaches you the correct grip required to hit every shot. It also improves muscle memory, so you can play with any racket once trained with a Thwack.

This patented racket is designed by the 13-time World Champion Xiong Guobao a.k.a the Backhand King. The rackets are available in two variants- Thwack JFX (for children) and Thwack SFX (for adults). They are priced from Rs 4,000 onwards and are available across all leading sports goods outlets in India, South East
Asia and Europe. For more information visit

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