Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lulu announces Ramadan plans; Launches low priced Ramadan Kit & Dates festival

Dr. Mariam al Shanasy, the deputy minister of Environment &
Water along with Yusuffali M A, MD, Saifee Rupawala, CEO
and other Govt. officials at LULU DATES FESTIVAL 

Abu Dhabi: Shoppers can look forward to hassle free Ramadan shopping with Lulu this year. Around 20 essential "Ramadan" products i.e., Rice, Sugar, cooking oil, Tang, Jelly mix, Salt, etc will be packed together and sold at a discounted price of Dhs.99 only instead of actual price of Dhs.116.These will go on sale from the beginning on Ramadan.

"This is our way of easing the pressure off people during the holy month of Ramadan" said Yusuffali MA, Managing Director of Lulu Hypermarket Group.

To coincide with the Dates season and holy month of Ramadan, traditional high season for Dates, Lulu has launched a nation wide Dates Festival. The festival was formally inaugurated by Dr. Mariam al Shanasy, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Environment and Water in the presence of many Govt. officials and dignitaries at Khalidiyah Mall.

More than 70 varieties of Dates are on display, both fresh and dried, while a range of Dates products such as honey, jam, pickles and spreads also feature in the festival. Being held in association with the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water, the festival will continue for 10 days at various lulu hypermarkets in UAE.

Commenting on the promotions Yusuffali MA, Managing Director of Lulu Hypermarket Group said "our main aim is to provide a broader platform for the local farmers to market their products to the large multi-ethnic population of UAE. Last year we procured more than 100 tons of Dates from various local farms here and this year we intend to touch the 170 tons mark".

The main date farms are located in four regions of UAE i.e., Northern(RAK), Eastern(Fujairah), Central(Dhaid) and Western Region (Abu Dhabi/LIWA).

"The popular varieties of Dates such as Fard, Lulu, Berhi, Khenezi and Khasb are big hits with shoppers here and we have arranged adequate stocks to meet the demand" added Yusuffali. We are committed to marinating the price of essential commodities as per our agreement with Ministry of Economy and the shoppers can rest assured that they will not have to face "price rise" or shortage of products".

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