Friday, July 1, 2011

Al Jaber Aviation Diversifies Business Expertise into Aircraft Management, Sales and Consultancy

Dubai – June 2011: Al Jaber Aviation (AJA), the pinnacle of VIP aviation and part of the Al Jaber Group based in Abu Dhabi, launched its foray into aircraft management, sales, consultancy and acquisition. As part of the aircraft management portfolio, AJA will act as a consultant offering turnkey portfolio of management products, thereby, reducing up-front costs by cutting the plethora of commissions from brokers and independent consultants.

With a state-of-the-art large charter fleet comprising of Embraer Legacy 600; Embraer Lineage 1000 and Airbus A318 Elite Plus, AJA is well-equipped to cater companies looking at leasing private charters. In addition, with AJA’s strong industry network, the company is able to facilitate the sale of aircraft by placement on the open market through advertising with select companies or international brokers. In this way, achieve the best deal through its extensive contacts.

Explaining AJA’s diversification, Bilal Yousuf, Head of Strategy and Business Development, Al Jaber Aviation (AJA) said: “As a luxury operator, AJA specializes in high performance jets. Given our strong position as a major dealer in aircraft sales, we are working on procuring key clients in the region. Our long-standing relationship with Embraer and Airbus, provides us the ability to help clients source and negotiate preferential purchase rates, consult on pre-purchase inspections and negotiate any necessary configuration or conformity amendments.”

The portfolio of management services on offer from AJA include facilitating sale of client’s existing aircraft, consultancy regarding the selection of a replacement aircraft, consultancy on purchase agreement negotiation, aircraft finance and insurance, recruitment, training and management of crew and marketing and sales. While the comprehensive sales and acquisitions service includes subscription to leading aircraft brokerage databases, development of aircraft marketing and advertising plans, market searches and comparative aircraft evaluations, contract negotiation and preferential rates in legal advice regarding sale or purchase agreement among others.

AJA will offer a complimentary suite of services and facilities to support the strategic direction that will see the UAE become a global hub for VIP aviation. We will be unveiling more initiatives throughout the duration of this exhibition.”

AJA’s role as a management provider is to simplify the process for clients. “Our portfolio consists of a variety of services, some of which are provided directly by AJA on a consultancy fee basis, while others are procured from third parties, usually on a cost plus basis,” concluded Yousuf. “Our main objective is to guide our clients to the most cost effective solution.”


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