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Sony and Rotana Rope-in Arab Sensation Najwa Karam to Star in First Ever 3D Arabic Music Video

Electronics Major Demonstrates Focus on Arab Consumers and
From L-R – Osamu Miura, Managing Director, Sony Gulf, Najwa Karam, Hady Hajjar,Executive Marketing Manager, Rotana Audio Sector and Michel Fattal, CEO, AllianceElectronics at the exclusive premiere of the 3D version of the music video of NajwaKaram’s song ‘Ma Fi Noom’ held yesterday at ABC Achrafieh theatre in Beirut.
Reinforces Commitment to 3D Technology

Dubai-UAE: 26 July, 2011 – Sony, the leading consumer electronics brand, today announced

its joint venture with the Rotana Audio Visual Group for the launch of the first ever 3D Arabic

music video featuring one of the region’s most loved singing stars, Najwa Karam.

Najwa Karam was chosen to feature in the clip for her distinct Arabic flair with a contemporary

twist that fits well with modern 3D technology. She is one of the most successful singers within

the Middle East, having participated in numerous festivals and concerts around the globe and

received a number of awards in the field of music. She is also a member of the jury for ‘Arabs

Got Talent,’ the extremely successful and popular talent show in the Middle East.

Audiences got the first look at the 3D version of the music video of Karam’s song titled ‘Ma

Fi Nom’ at an exclusive premiere held yesterday (25 July) at ABC Achrafieh theatre in Beirut.

Enthusiasts can now view the 3D music video across 600 Sony outlet stores throughout the

Middle East and North Africa.

Osamu Miura, Managing Director, Sony Gulf, said: “This collaboration is in essence the

beginning of a very exciting journey in the Arab entertainment industry and we are very proud

to be involved in such a significant way. The lack of exciting local content for the Middle East

market is the one thing that stands in the way of a wider adoption of 3D. So, we are very happy

to partner with Rotana, the Arab world’s largest music label and are grateful to Rotana for

signing up the Arab world’s number one music sensation Najwa Karam to create with us the

world’s first 3D Arabic Music Video.

“Quality 3D programming is vital to boost an increased adoption of the technology. Sony

is uniquely poised to drive the popularity of 3D through its thorough understanding of the

technology. As a consumer electronics manufacturer, Sony pioneered the development of

Sony Gulf FZE, P.O. Box 16871, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE.
Telephone: (+9714) 8816912/ 8815488 Facsimile: (+9714) 8816259

3D technology and is now a global leader in 3D products and technology. This venture marks

Sony’s foray into 3D content development in the Middle East, creating a strong foundation for

360-degree integration of Sony 3D technology in this market.”

Speaking at the event, Hady Hajjar, Executive Marketing Manager, Rotana Audio Sector,

commented: “Sony’s vast and superior understanding of every aspect of 3D technology

automatically made them the ideal partner to create the first 3D Arabic music video and we are

extremely happy to bring the excitement of 3D to the Arab music world with Sony’s cutting-edge


Following its 2010 launch of 3D BRAVIA televisions, 3D-enabled digital cameras and other 3D-

enabled home entertainment devices in the Middle East, Sony recently launched the VAIO F-

Series notebook, its first 3D-enabled laptop and the Handycam HDR-TD10, its first 3D-enabled


This landmark joint venture to produce Najwa Karam’s debut 3D music video begins an era

of 3D production in the region and reinforces Sony’s commitment to promoting 3D technology

and maintaining its position as an industry leader and original content producer. Through the

premiere of this 3D music video, Sony now boasts a holistic 3D portfolio realising Sony’s 3D

World proposition that promises an end-to-end 3D experience.

Najwa Karam’s debut 3D video was shot over three days in Northern Lebanon at Nahr Ibrahim

and at Mansourieh with one of the biggest production budgets in the Middle East. The feat was

accomplished with the assistance of three professional teams from the US and the UK and the

Lebanese W&P Production Group, which undertook extensive research on 3D techniques to

familiarize the Middle East crew with the breakthrough technology, including the handling of

sophisticated 3D equipment and digital cameras that were used for the shoot.

Key members of this first-ever 3D initiative included Hady Hajjar, Executive Marketing Manager,

Rotana Audio Sector, Mathew Mathai, General Manager, Marketing Communications, Sony

Gulf, and Mohammed Judeh, Manager, Sony Gulf. 3D stereography consultation was provided

by Clyde Desouza, a senior stereographic consultant in the region.

The video also features a solo by Abdelmalek Al Baljani from Morocco, a contestant from

the ‘Arabs Got Talent’ reality show.

Sony Gulf FZE, P.O. Box 16871, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE.
Telephone: (+9714) 8816912/ 8815488 Facsimile: (+9714) 8816259


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reinforces Sony’s presence in key markets in the region.

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