Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Discover easy and continuous media streaming through Vinverth’s Multimedia Players

Dubai – July 05, 2011: Vinverth, the leading brand of innovative consumer electronics

and appliances, offers a new kick for media buffs with its latest multimedia players. The

state-of-the-art device is the ultimate amalgamation of many technologies such as USB,

digital video and audio output LAN connection and streaming.

With its exclusive streaming or media streaming technique, transferring data can be

processed as a steady and continuous stream. Streaming technologies are becoming

increasingly important with the growth of the Internet because most users do not have

fast enough access to download large multimedia files quickly. Files can be streamed

on You Tube through Vinverth MM players. A well formed key board offers comfortable

typing of subject line. One can enjoy the final output of the programs, streamed live, on

their Television screens.

Commenting on the new-fangled Multimedia Player, Mr. Sajan Joseph George, CEO

of Vinverth said: “With this intelligent new technology we aim to offer our customers a

complete multimedia experience. At Vinverth, we have always strived to come up with

exceptional ideas for our customers and are on a constant endeavor to offer the most

competitive and cutting-edge technology along with high-durability for them. We are

confident that the new range of Multimedia players will further boost Vinverth’s market

presence and trigger growth for us.”

The Multimedia player is equipped with Coaxial and Optical outputs which are capable

of transferring digital audio signals. If the format encoded in a USB is digitally capable,

we can have digital experience through theses outputs.

Along with Picasa, Flicker and RSS news services make the unit more user friendly

bringing internet to the big screen.

The highlight of the multimedia player is that it can be watched on youtube and live streaming can be watched on TV.

The three range of Vinverth’s Multimedia Player:

About Vinverth

Vinverth is an innovative electronics and household appliances brand. Vinverth is the first one to

come out with the ground-breaking High Definition technology in the DVD players, which uses

the HVD disc formats. Vinverth has at the moment launched the High Definition DVD players,

Home Theatres, the fastest wrinkle removing Steam Irons and the Thermo Vent Shield Bulbs.

Vinverth also has a strong base for emergency lights, controlling almost 75 per cent of the

market share of the UAE in this product segment.

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