Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sony Launches VAIO E Series in Middle East

Notebooks Feature Colour Variation and Exquisite Truss Pattern
Texture Bringing Exceptional Design for Everyday Use

Dubai-UAE: 31 July, 2011 – Sony, the leading consumer electronics brand, today announced
the Middle East launch of the new VAIO E Series, a range of notebooks that blend exceptional
design with optimal performance for everyday use.

The all-new VAIO E Series is equipped with second generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor and
AMD Dual-Core Processor. The enhanced processing ability of the Intel Core processor and
power efficiency of the AMD Dual-Core processor enable sharp and clear videos, realistic and
responsive games, and allow the notebooks to run longer between battery charges.

Sony also takes cutting-edge styling to new extremes through the VAIO E Series. The surface
of the notebooks features a truss pattern where several small triangles construct one large
hexagon. The texture covers the exterior as well as the palm rest. Ergonomically designed for
ease of use, fingerprints and smudges are less noticeable due to the three-dimensional pattern.
The screen size of the VAIO E Series ranges from 14-inch to 15.5-inch.

The VAIO E series features the graphics provided by NVIDIA® GeForce® 410M GPU, AMD
Radeon™ HD 6310 Graphics or Intel® HD Graphics 3000.

Delivering a richer communication experience, the VAIO E Series is preinstalled with several
applications and utilities, many of which are launched through a one touch button including
the ‘WEB’ button for quick web access and the ‘VAIO’ button that launches the media gallery.
The dedicated ‘ASSIST’ button gives one-touch access to VAIO Care, which simplifies basic
maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. In addition, VAIO E Series is equipped with the PMB
VAIO Edition software that helps organize, create and share photos and videos.

Isolation keyboard and the handy numeric keypad is another user-friendly feature that allows
comfortable typing. Moreover, the touch pad with multi-gesture control supports Flick, Tap and
Scroll to facilitate easy navigation around web pages and application screens. This function can
be easily enabled or disabled by Fn + F1 key.

Designed for users with a taste for superior quality, the VAIO E Series is available in four
different colors. The 14-inch and 15.5-inch models are available in black, white, and pink.
Glossy finished white and pink surfaces give a shiny and airy feel, while matte black offers a
more sophisticated and stately tone.

Available across Jumbo Showrooms and other leading electronics stores in the UAE, the new VAIO E Series is currently available at a retail price starting at AED2,495.

About make.believe

“make.believe” (make dot believe) is a Group-wide brand message that unites Sony’s communications initiatives across electronics,
games, movies, music, mobile phones and network services. “make.believe” symbolizes the spirit of Sony – the power of creativity,
the ability to turn ideas into reality and the belief that anything you can imagine, you can make real.

About Sony Gulf

Sony Gulf FZE is a 100% subsidiary of Sony Corporation and is the regional headquarters for the Middle East and Africa regions.
The company is engaged in the business of Sony Consumer Electronics, VAIO laptop computers, Computer Peripherals, Data
media, Recording Media and Energy (Batteries), Mobile Electronics (Car Audio) and Computer Entertainment (PlayStation) products
in more than 40 countries in the region.

Apart from stock operations in the Jebel Ali Free Zone Establishment in Dubai, Sony Gulf FZE leads execution of various logistics,
sales, marketing, advertising and customer services activities through its business partners and representative offices. A network of
representative offices in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, in addition to well over 250 accredited third party service centres
reinforces Sony’s presence in key markets in the region.

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