Friday, July 1, 2011

DM meets with hotels to discuss occupational cards issuance

Dubai Municipality has recently held an important meeting with its dealers of hotels at al Tawar center to

discuss the service of occupational cards. Ms. Zuhur Al Sabbagh, Director of Public Health Services, Engineer

Khalid Abdul Rahim, Director of Customer Relations, a number of municipality officials and leaders were

present on the occasion. The meeting comes within the communication programs approved for this year

between Municipality and its clients.

The participants from hotel representatives praised the level of progress and development in issuing health

cards, and electronic systems developed by Municipality, as these systems and programs contributed in

management excellence among the leaders of Municipality.

Ms. Manal Bin Yarouf head of customer care section welcomed the participants and reminded clients about

the importance of such sessions in terms of learning the needs of clients in order to improve services.

The clinic section introduced most important statistics and performance indicators related to the issuance

of occupational health cards, including the important ameliorative measures implemented on the service

provision. Door of dialogue was opened with customers listening to their feedback on the development of


At the end, everyone praised the culture of dialogue and constructive discussion with dealers, and wished to

collaborate for the benefit of the emirate and the UAE.

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