Sunday, July 10, 2011

‘Crazy Kitchen’ and ‘Hag Al Lailah’ start at Children’s City.

Children’s City of Dubai Municipality on Sunday has entered into the third week of its Summer
Activities 2011 under the slogan ‘Crazy Kitchen’. The Mid-Sha'ban activity ‘Hag Al Lailah’ would be

also organized in the end of this week.

Nayla Al Mansoori, Head of Children's City said that the fifteenth of Shaaban is a famous event in all

cities of Arabian Gulf and number of other Muslim countries, which falls on the 15th of the month

of Shaaban and brings happiness for all people from different age group, especially children.

The week includes variety of activities and entertainment programmes Such as Fun with Balloons,

Let's Play, Healthy Hands, Yammi (food recipes for children), Your Health in Your Hand, Compete

with Yusuf al-Sharif, and Come on Celebrate.

The ‘Hag Al Lailah’ occasion would be celebrated with variety entertainment programmes, including

gift bags for children, kids’ tour around the city to collect sweets from each section and playing Hag

Al Lailah games.

"Groups of children take tour of their areas knocking on neighbours' doors and sing a song for this

event. They hold in their hand an empty bag and return to their home loaded with all kinds of nuts

and candies," she said.

The Children's City Theatre will host a large number of events such as desserts marathon

competition, most beautiful bag, popular dance "Youla," tour with Abdullah bin London and

distribution of sweets and toys. Children's City will also provide gifts and prizes to the winners and

all participants.

“The programs charted out by the Children's City are quite different from other summer programs

as the families can leave their children at the Children's City without any worries.” Al Mansouri said.

Other interesting topics are obesity, importance of Arabic language, artistic creativity in calligraphy,

disability, national identity, month of Shaaban, and fasting in Ramadan.

For more information on programs and registration public can access the Children's City website, or email at or call 04-3340808.

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