Tuesday, August 2, 2011

UTI – Master Value Fund declares tax-free dividend of 10%

UTI – Master Value Fund declares tax-free dividend of 10% (Rs. 1.00 per unit on face value of Rs.10/-). Pursuant to the payment of dividend, the NAV of the dividend option of the scheme would fall to the extent of payout and statutory levy (if applicable).

The record date for the dividend is August 4, 2011.

All unitholders registered under the dividend option of UTI – Master Value Fund as on August 4, 2011 will be eligible for this dividend. Also investors who join the dividend option of the scheme on or before the cut off time of the record date will be eligible for the dividend.

The NAV per unit as on July 29, 2011 was Rs. 23.52 under the dividend option.

The scheme had declared dividend at regular intervals in the past.

The scheme performance vis – a - vis its benchmark index is as per table given below:

Fund Performance (Growth Option) as on July 25, 2011
Performance Comparison with Benchmark Index

Compounded Annualised Returns
BSE 100

One year
Three years
Five Years
Since Inception (3rd May ‘05)
Assuming that all pay outs during the period have been reinvested in units of the fund at the immediate ex-dividend NAV
Past Performance may or may not be sustained in the future

UTI Master Value Fund is an open-end equity oriented value fund.  The investment objective of the scheme is ‘capital appreciation’ through investment in stocks that are relatively undervalued to their expected long-term earnings growth. The fund will utilize in-depth fundamental research to evaluate factors such as a company’s financial structure, its competitive position in the market and its management’s commitment to increasing shareholder value while selecting the universe of stocks for investment by this fund.  

The scheme looks to invest upto 80% of the net assets in the scrips having any one or more of the following characteristics at the time of acquisition:
a)     Low P/E ratio (PE ratio lower than the market PE or the sector PE) OR
b)     Attractive dividend yield OR
c)      Low price to book value ratio OR
d)     Companies with positive Economic Value Added (EVA)

Upto 20% of net assets can be invested in equity / equity related instruments issued by blue chip companies with a potential for consistent growth and with management of high quality and track record.

Mr. Anoop Bhaskar is the Fund Manager of the Scheme.

About UTI Mutual Fund

UTI Mutual Fund is a SEBI registered mutual fund whose Sponsors are State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Bank of   Baroda   and Life Insurance Corporation of India.

UTI Mutual Fund had investor accounts of 9.87 million under its 83 domestic schemes as on June 30, 2011. The Average Assets under Management (AAUM) for the quarter of April– June  2011 of UTI Mutual Fund was Rs. 69,105.09 crore (source: AMFI website).


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