Saturday, August 13, 2011


When Montblanc launched its very own diamond cut, shaped like the brand’s star emblem, it demonstrated creativity and

a genuine passion for Haute Joaillerie. True to the brand’s spirit of constant innovation, the most recent design to come

from Montblanc’s ateliers is the patented Montblanc Cabochon, an original re-interpretation of the classic stone cut. The

Cabochon de Montblanc Collection is made up of colourful pieces using an exciting assortment of semi-precious and hard

stones, each in the shape of the Montblanc Star.

Montblanc’s master jewellers have designed pieces that remain true to the tradition of the Cabochon: the stones are highly

polished and cut convexly without facets. However, the traditionally round or oval shape of the Cabochon stone has been

replaced with the Montblanc Star, reminiscent of the snowy peak on Europe’s highest mountain. Demonstrating its versatility

and appeal to both women and men, the Cabochon Cut features in both ladies’ and men’s jewellery assortments.

Exploring the power and meaning conveyed by stones particularly prevalent in Eastern cultures, Montblanc has selected

stones that are recognized for their beneficial properties. The energy conveyed by these stones is said to carry a number of

benefits, these vary from good health and inner strength to confidence, prosperity and success. Each stone has a story to

For the Ladies’ Fine Jewellery Collection, the Cabochon Cut is featured on luxurious red gold settings, becoming true

statement pieces with the use of semi-precious stones in two major colour directions. The intense and passionate red and

pink stones such as Rhodolite Garnet and Carnelian are synonymous with confidence, power and passion.

On the other hand, the dreamlike and soothing variations white and blue stones such as Milky Quartz, Aquamarine, Iolite

and Amethyst are synonymous with contentment, humility or strength.

To enhance the rich colours of the stones, some of the more elaborate pieces are embellished with the small diamond pavé

that surrounds them. The assortment includes bold rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and an elaborate sautoir combining

Rose Quartz, Milky Quartz, Carnelian, Rhodolite Garnet and finished with diamonds. Presented in a stylish and luxurious

way, these pieces become a statement worn from day into night.

The Ladies’ Silver Jewellery Collection features the Cabochon Cut in a more romantic treatment through the use of pastel

colours – a delicate light Rose Quartz and a subtle light Blue Chalcedony married with pure sterling silver. The stones

are set in a very feminine style on rich chains, architectural bracelets, playful bangles and long moving earrings as well

as delicate earstuds. These pieces will appeal to the successful and fashion-conscious young lady looking to reaffirm her

individual style through her choice of feminine jewellery.

The Men’s Contemporary Collection welcomes the Cabochon Cut in a bolder treatment with hard stones that reflect

masculinity, strength and confidence. The stainless steel cuff links from this Collection feature deep black Onyx and

Sodalith, a stone with grey and beige inclusions. For a softer look, the discerning man can opt for cuff links carrying either

quartz crystal or rose quartz – both stones recognized for bringing peace of mind and inner balance.

The Cabochon de Montblanc Collection masterfully combines an original new cut with playful designs that will appeal to

those who wish to have fun with their choice of jewellery pieces and accessories. Those who wish to tell a story through their

choice of stones but also through the meaning of the stones used across each of the jewellery collection.


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