Monday, August 1, 2011

ENOC launches a series of philanthropic, cultural, and spiritual campaigns during Ramadan

Dubai, August 1, 2011: In line with the solidarity of the Holy Month of Ramadan,

Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) has launched a series of philanthropic, cultural,

and spiritual campaigns, aligned with the company’s CSR initiatives.

Reiterating its commitment to reciprocate to the community, ENOC has joined hands

with Beit Al Khair Society, The Red Crescent Authority (RCA), and Dar Al Ber Society,

to contribute to less fortunate families through a charity collection drive. During the Holy

Month of Ramadan, all three organisations will place donation boxes across ENOC and

EPPCO service stations in Dubai encouraging members of the community to donate in

the spirit of generosity.

Khalid Hadi, Director of Brand and Corporate Communications of ENOC said: “The Holy

Month of Ramadan denotes a time of reflection. Basking on the values of kindness and

gratitude, humility, and spirituality, ENOC is stressing the importance of members of the

community helping people in need. Celebrating the marvel of Ramadan, we encourage

people across the UAE to assist those less fortunate than us.”

In 2002 ENOC/EPPCO was the first fuel retailer to introduce provide dates and water at

service stations in the UAE, during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Since then the initiative

is carried out annually reaching thousands of motorists daily. Held in collaboration with

Alokozay, this year 79 ENOC/EPPCO service stations in Dubai will be distributing over

100,000 boxes containing dates, water, and prayer beads during Iftar.

ENOC is also organising a number of cultural and spiritual lectures during the Holy

Month of Ramadan to educate employees in the group. The lectures are aimed at

enhancing awareness on the Holy Month, as well as its customs and practices.

Key Islamic speakers from Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities, Government

of Dubai, will lead the lectures in Arabic and English, bridging cultures amongst the

diverse community within the group.

ENOC also launched a workplace initiative to promote healthy guidelines for fasting,

which have been shared with employees across the world.

Another initiative launched by EMGAS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ENOC,

in association with the Beit Al Khair Society, provides free LPG refills to 300

underprivileged families in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, during the Holy Month.

Ramadan initiatives are part of series of community campaigns supported by ENOC,

aimed at reaching out to and giving back to the society – across social, environmental

and economical sectors. All companies within the ENOC group are committed to

upholding the highest standards of CSR while conducting business

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Satyajeet Sharma said...

Good initiative by ENOC but it should think of some long term philanthropic activity like P Mohamed Ali of Galfar has initiated of developing the educational system of Oman.