Sunday, August 7, 2011

Masharie Organizes Seminar to Drive Sustainable Practices among Subsidiaries

‘Green for Financial Success’ Workshop Hosted in Conjunction with Green
Technologies FZCO

Dubai-UAE: August 06, 2011 – Masharie LLC, a private equity arm of Dubai Investments
PJSC, hosted a one-day seminar to facilitate the adoption of green initiatives among its

Themed ‘Green for Financial Success’, the corporate initiative was held in conjunction with
Green Technologies FZCO. A team of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
certified professionals provided insightful tips on protecting the environment and ensuring
sustainable commercial development.

The workshop came as part of Masharie’s commitment to sustainability and promoting best
green practices among its subsidiaries.

Abdulaziz Bin Yagub Al Serkal, CEO, Masharie LLC, said: “At Masharie, we believe in adopting
sustainable commercial practices. We now hope our subsidiaries will be equal partners in
this vision. The workshop has helped us raise awareness about the importance of green
management initiatives and the endless advantages of green revolution.”

Mario Seneviratne, Managing Director of Green Technologies who conducted the seminar
emphasized on the importance of sustainable practices which will be financially rewarding for
companies on long term basis.

The session focused on the social, economic and environmental aspects of green practices
and the conserving solutions that could be adopted by commercial spaces and industry sectors.
The experts also enumerated the benefits of embracing a greener and more sustainable
strategy and its impact on business excellence.

Global green practice success case studies and the business benefits that long-term
investments in sustainable initiatives deliver were also highlighted as a promising way forward.

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