Sunday, August 7, 2011

Masafi extends portfolio with the launch of Premium Basmati Rice

• Part of Masafi’s mandate to become complete FMCG company
• Select Natural Basmati Rice is sourced from the foothills of

Dubai, August 3, 2011: Reinforcing its portfolio of pure, natural and world-class products,

Masafi – the leading food and beverage brand across the Gulf and Middle East, today

announced the launch of its Premium Basmati Rice brand. The launch of the select basmati rice

is part of Masafi’s mandate to become a complete FMCG company.

The 100% natural Masafi Select Premium Basmati Rice is the finest quality basmati offering an

unique aroma, authentic taste and pure goodness that is identified with all Masafi products. A

rare gift of nature, Masafi Select Basmati Rice is sourced directly from the foothills of the snow-

clad Himalayan mountain range in India.

Each grain of Masafi Rice embodies all the attributes of a true basmati – smooth, pearl, extra

fine and extra long. The average grain length of Masafi rice is 8.34mm, compared to other

basmati rice which averages around 7mm.

In comments on the launch, Ms Natascha Edelmann, Head of Marketing, Masafi, said: “We are

pleased to augment our world-class product portfolio with the Premium Select Basmati Rice.

Since time immemorial, Basmati Rice has been on Royal Menus of various cultures and we are

happy to bring Masafi to this elite table. Coming with a superior characteristic taste/aroma,

hygienic packaging and sublime taste, the fat-free and healthy Masafi Select Basmati Rice is set

to delight gourmets and food connoisseurs across the region and beyond with its delectable

“The all-new Masafi Select Premium Basmati Rice perfectly espouses the brand values that we

as a company passionately believe and embrace. The rice is a perfect balance that promises an

alluring taste, and promises good health. The launch of our Select Basmati rice brand is a major

step in our vision to become a complete FMCG company and conquer more share of consumer

hearts in the process,” she added.

The Masafi Select Premium Basmati Rice is 99 per cent fat free, cholesterol free, gluten free and

salt free and offers high nutritional content. The brand team has developed a strong media plan

including print, above-the-line, point-of-sale and outdoor advertisements for the campaign,

apart from free sampling and special Ramadan offers.

Reinforcing the company’s reputation for quality and excellence, the Masafi Select Premium

Basmati Rice is expected to cast a never-ending spell and an unforgettable experience. For free

home delivery, please call Masafi toll free 800 5455; and for more information, please log into


rakhi katare said...

Pretty, colorful, delicious and healthy!I love vegetable pulao and this look so good.

rakhi katare said...

Absolutely delicious basmati rice,classic recipe..looks divine.

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