Sunday, August 7, 2011


Roberto Coin’s Haute Couture collection of fine jewellery has been designed for those who appreciate the

beauty of rare gems and exclusive, individual creations. Crafted around unique pieces the line has been

attracting the attention of discerning jewellery buyers worldwide, especially those from the Middle East.

Each year, Roberto Coin Jewells satisfy the diverse tastes of its demanding customers worldwide by

introducing more than 600 new models of jewellery. His latest creations include the Haute Couture Project.

He explained, “Haute Couture is a line I made up of exclusive pieces. I rediscovered the added value of

creativity in its sense as the search for beauty.”

Containing various colours and diamonds able to match different styles, the Haute Couture Project is

centred on eccentricity and purity of lines. With diamonds weighing up to a half-karat, the creations are

masterpieces of art and preciousness.

Both an artist and an entrepreneur, Roberto Coin’s genius at creating timeless pieces of jewellery is a

natural gift, as he strives to ensure that each of his collections spring from his artistic and innovative soul.

Haute Couture pays tribute to high-fashion in unique jewels crafted in pink and white gold, and lavishly

adorned with diamonds and choice gems. It presents a magnificent array of highly original rings whose

designs are never repeated. Richly ‘robed’ by diamond pave and precious stones, it is a collection designed

for modern day Czarinas.

In the Haute Couture line there are four Fantasia pieces: the Fantasia Cluster ring and Cluster earrings,

and the Fantasia HC bangle and ring.

What marks the Haute Couture Fantasia pieces is the resplendent use of diamonds. In the HC bangle and

ring, Roberto Coin has created stunning undulations of diamonds set perfectly in white gold. If you take a

closer look, of course, you’ll notice the trademark red glint inside of the bangle, positioned to fit right next

to the pulse point. In the Fantasia Cluster pieces, diamonds are gathered together on delicate prongs as

though they are flowers in a bouquet. The designer Roberto Coin has truly outdone himself with this new

collection of glittering wonder.

The Fantasia pieces in the Roberto Coin Fashion line of jewellery make large use of colour. Arcs of blue

sapphires and cascades of rubies mark some of the most brilliant points in this collection. Another triumph

in this Roberto Coin line is the use of black sapphires and brown diamonds which give the collection a very

fresh, new, and edgy look.

Headquartered in Vicenza, Italy, Roberto Coin was founded in 1977 by its namesake. The company

currently ranks among the top eight jewellery brands in North America. Roberto Coin has designed his

collections not only to meet the ever-demanding jewellery market, but also to set new trends. In fact,

according to Movieline, Roberto Coin jewellery is highly sought by Hollywood celebrities.

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