Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ramadan’s Finest Drama Series Land on Yahoo! Maktoob’s All-Free Video Service

Dubai, August 02, 2011: Yahoo! Maktoob, the premier digital media company, is bringing
this year’s Ramadan blockbusters to its Video Service (Cinema and TV). Streaming a diverse
range of more than 10 drama series throughout the Holy Month, including the highly anticipated
Al Daboor, Maraya 2011 and Haddotat Baad Al Noum, users are able to enjoy watching the
narratives unfold and catch up on what they’ve missed on TV at any time. The all- free service
also provides users across the Middle East with over 1,200 hours of high quality video content
from the region’s finest Arabic movies, plays and tv series.

Video Service (Cinema and TV)additionally debuts an enhanced interface and new features for
a premier online experience. With a new hotlist structure, it is now easier to navigate a library of
over 500 movie classics and recent cinema releases, the latest information and documentaries,
with more content to be added in the coming weeks. This Ramadan, users can additionally
personalize high definition video players as they enjoy quicker loading speeds.

Hosam El Sokkari, Head of Audience, Yahoo! Middle East, said, “Our strategy is focused on
bringing the best video content and combining that with a fantastic user experience that is quick,
simple and easy to use. Online video watching is surging in many parts of the world, and if we
are able to bring high quality content that matches the TV experience, then we are likely to see
the trend rising in the region as well. When offering video, we have to ensure that we keep it
fresh, and so we will continue to serve up the best and most up to date content to give people in
the Middle East a premium online video experience.”

Yahoo! Maktoob’s Video Service (Cinema and TV) can be accessed through the dedicated
Yahoo! Maktoob Ramadan site (, which brings together
premium content relevant to Ramadan, pulled from multiple leading Yahoo! Maktoob properties
including News, Helwa, OMG!, Forums and Search. The site also provides prayer and imsakieh
times based on country and city.

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