Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Health supervisors are compulsory in food establishments

As part of Dubai Municipality’s keenness to ensure the health and safety of the community, the
Food Control Department has introduced in 2010 the health supervisor programme. The move is
aimed to supervise, follow-up and train the workers in food establishments where the supervisor
has to implement necessary health requirements to ensure food safety.

Khalid Mohammad Shareef, Director of Food Control Department said that the health supervisor
program is a strategic partnership between Municipality and food establishments related to its
various activities in the Emirate of Dubai. Nearly 2,500 health supervisors have been trained since
the beginning of 2010 until now. Approximately 36 trainees completed the training programme
from companies qualified and certified by Municipality.

“External inspectors also have been trained to inspect the areas in the Emirate of Dubai. The
external inspector has to nominate a person in charge of health supervisor to oversee and follow-
up in his establishment,” he said.

Highfield and TCL are the authorized providers by Municipality in the field of training institutions
and granting certificates for health supervisors.

From January 2011, all food establishments should have an in charge person with appropriate
training and a certificate in the food safety. He can be the company owner, manager, chef, kitchen
manager, quality manager, or any equivalent person who is always involved in the work.

The in charge will be accountable to the company and government bodies regarding all type of food
safety issues.

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