Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mushrif Park honours kids

Public Parks and Horticulture Department has recently honoured the participants in swimming
learning courses conducted in the pools of Mushrif Park. The honouring ceremony came as part
of Dubai Municipality’s keenness to encourage kids to participate in sports activities organized by
Dubai parks.

A number of officials of Public Parks and Horticulture Department, participants and their parents
were present on the occasion. The swimming courses in Mushrif park pools started since 1980 and
lot of people have benefited from it. Courses are available for gents, women and kids from 6 years
onwards. There are separate courses for women and gents under the supervision of specialized
coaches in swimming and rescue. All pools have advanced facilities such as dress changing area,
toilets, bathrooms and kids bath where currently 354 members are practicing the swimming.

The municipality has big role in the establishment and development of infrastructure for sports
services. Its facilities are distributed between large parks and residential area parks, which include
sports grounds, walking tracks, bike tracks, swimming pools and fitness equipments. The provision
of these services aims to achieve the best services and high degree of comfort to the residents of
the emirate, promoting healthy life style in order to create a healthy and ideal society.

Mushrif Park is considered as the oldest parks of Dubai, established in 1974, which has been
currently facilitated with a number of services including separate pools for women, gents and kids.
Swimming pool members do not require separate membership or fee for park entry. Moreover,
a sports area is allocated for different types of sports items such as basketball, volleyball and

As part of the strategic goals of the Municipality to spread the green areas across the emirate,
Public Parks and Horticulture Department has so far established seven large parks and 76
residential parks in different parts of the emirate. All parks have furnished with modern facilities for
family entertainment and amusement of kids.

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