Tuesday, August 2, 2011

HEC Paris in Qatar launches another program for executives

HEC Paris in Qatar to launch intensive program focusing on risk management, innovation and leadership
Program will see top managers from Qatar and the region distinguish themselves as leaders
Executives set to acquire the business knowledge and insights to excel despite market volatility

Doha, Qatar: August 2, 2011: HEC Paris in Qatar has unveiled details of its newest international program for senior
executives and business leaders in Qatar and the region.

“Leading in Challenging Times” will be offered in Doha in October 2011, giving executives from Qatar and the region
the opportunity to learn new ways of thinking and doing business in a volatile and unpredictable global economic

The rigorous and challenging program equips executives to: manage uncertainty and financial risk, create value
through cost-cutting and revenue generation, lead in complex business environments, and implement strategic
innovation to gain a competitive edge. “Leading in Challenging Times” was run successfully in Doha last year, when
20 top managers from Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Telecom, and Total E&P Qatar completed the intensive program.

Antoine Hyafil, Academic Dean, HEC Paris in Qatar, commented: “We are excited to be running such an important
program in Doha for the second time. Uncertainty and risk permeate the global economy. They are associated with
economic hardship in the West as well as with growth’s disruptive effects in the East and South. They generate
threat, which today’s effective leader must be able to convert into opportunities. This program will catalyze
executives towards innovative strategic leadership under highly disturbed business conditions.”

Joshua Kobb, Director, Global Initiatives and Acting COO, HEC Paris in Qatar, highlighted the importance of the LCT
program for business leaders. “This is not a program for executives who just want to survive in times of uncertainty.
LCT is designed to help executives position their companies to actually thrive in times of uncertainty. It is this
emphasis which distinguishes the good leader from the great leader – and it is this level of excellence and bold
leadership that HEC is in the business of cultivating.”

The transfer and development of management and business knowledge through HEC Executive Education is a vital
support to the development of Qatar’s knowledge-based economy as part of the National Vision. Fostering a capable
and motivated workforce, in part through developing talent and leaders, is a key component of the First National
Development Strategy (NDS) 2011-2016.

LCT is part of HEC’s global portfolio of open enrolment programs for executives, and the third such program to be
held in Doha since HEC Paris joined Qatar Foundation’s Education City in 2010. It follows the success of “Leading
Strategies for Outstanding Performance,” the latest international executive program to be delivered by HEC Paris
in Qatar. Held in June, twenty-four top managers from Qatar and the region grappled with the latest strategic
thinking and change management tools needed to excel in the modern business world. At the end of the five days,
they were equipped with leading-edge insights, strategies and tools to lead their organizations towards sustainable
performance and growth.

HEC’s Executive MBA Program, which was launched in Doha last February, is now recruiting its second class, for a start in February 2012.


aparna john said...

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aparna john said...

Hi,A joint liability company consists of two or more persons with Incorporation in Qatar who are responsible jointly for the obligations of the company.Thanks....