Sunday, August 7, 2011

DM is prepared for waste management during Ramadan

Abdul Majeed Sifai,
Director of Waste Mgt. Dept.

Waste Management Department of Dubai municipality has announced its preparedness during
Ramadan having a series of arrangements. The arrangements include intensified monitoring,
increase of equipments, free services and spreading of awareness messages to the public in order
to keep the high level of cleanliness in the emirate.

The department also announced that it has provided the operation and cleaning service section
with additional tools, equipments and new storage methods to cope up with the possible increase
in waste quantity during Ramadan.

Abdul Majeed Sifai, Director of Waste Management Department, said that a round clock monitoring
system has been deployed to cover the information and complaints monitoring the workflow in all

“The work programme prepared by the department has been executed as per the work schedules
in normal days, which starts from 5 am to 3.30 am next day. We formed an emergency team
consisting of supervisors, labours and light equipments to cover the notifications and complaints
received by the department from public, which are being answered immediately. In addition, there
is a coastal monitoring team,” he said.

“The programme of cleaning section includes the focus on cleanliness of water channels, express
ways and public health facilities, in addition to transportation service of large size wastes, which is
offered free of charge for the public” he added.

Waste disposal sites in different places have been prepared and will be working 24 hours. Sites for
hazardous wastes and medical wastes will be working from 7 am to 12 pm.

Some awareness programmes also have been designed such as sending sms to customers through
blackberry handsets, emailing to the employees and audio and video advertisement campaigns to
reduce the waste by wise spending, avoiding excessive purchase of food, clothes and accessories.

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