Saturday, August 13, 2011


DUNKIN’ DONUTS, the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain, has recently introduced a new

refreshing cold chocolate beverage drink topped with Kit Kat chocolate that packs all the flavour of its

renowned regular hot coffee, but at a chilled temperature that promises to help take the heat out of the


Mr. David Rodgers, DUNKIN’ DONUTS General Manager, is convinced that the new drink will prove a hit

during the hot summer months, when customers prefer a drink that will cool them down, but still demand

the same superior taste from the brand’s signature blend. “All our coffee comes from selected high grade

beans and DUNKIN’ DONUTS has a justifiable reputation for brewing the best coffee,” he says. “The

refreshing beverage is ideal for our busy customers needing a quick nourishing drink with the goodness

of cold chocolate,this beverage is ideal as a light in between snack at any time of day that would provide

quick energy throughout the day.”He adds.

The cold chocolate drink is made doubly delicious with the addition of Kit Kat chocolate for the coming

hot summer months.

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Haley McAdams said...

Coffee lovers and experts really loves Dunkin Donut's beverages such as coffee. It's more rich than Starbucks and any other coffee shop. It's really cool that they launched another product that customers will surely like.

Haley McAdams
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