Friday, December 10, 2010

Supporting SCAD’s Strategy with Smart Solutions Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi Signs a Partnership Agreement with SAS Middle East

Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi (SCAD) and SAS Middle East signed a partnership
agreement, under which SAS will provide analytical intelligence (AI) software
and services to SCAD for the collection, compilation, storage, analysis and
dissemination of accurate results by the Centre. The partnership supports the
further development of SCAD's IT strategy, which is one of the most important
initiatives of the Center. SAS solutions will assist SCAD to meet its mission
of releasing timely and accurate results of social, demographic, economic,
environmental, and cultural data.

The agreement was signed by H.E. Butti bin Ahmed Al Qubaisi, Director of
Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi; and Mr Shukri Dabaghi, General Manager, SAS
Middle East, at SCAD's headquarters in Abu Dhabi, in the presence of senior
officials from both sides.

After the signing ceremony, H.E. Al Qubaisi emphasised that the Centre's desire
to achieve the highest levels of automation across the organisation, in order
to better serve SCAD's vision of supporting Abu Dhabi's development plans in
economic, social, environmental, and infrastructure areas by providing the latest
and most accurate databases based on the highest global statistical standards,
in order to meet the needs of decision makers, the business sectors, researchers
and the various other segments of society.

The partnership agreement includes the main license agreement, according to
which SAS has authorized its products of IT software for SCAD; and the Service
agreement, under which SAS will provide consultancy, services and technical
support on the software authorized by the company, referred to as ‘interactive
services’, in addition to technical implementation, design and engineering
services, also known as ‘preliminary services’.

Both sides also agreed that SAS will assign a co-director from its side to
work as a strategic consultant for software users at SCAD, providing the
so called ‘sharing service’, which includes regular meetings with SCAD's

administration team to help in formulating its strategies regarding the usage
of SAS's software in the Centre's current and future projects. The co-director
will also. Further, SAS will also train SCAD’s staff and transfer technological
knowledge skills, while the co-director will help in analyzing the work reports
of the Centre, recommend plans and provide periodic report about latest
developments and situations concerning work software and products at the

SCAD is hopeful that this agreement will be of great benefit in terms of
developing a reliable statistical system in Abu Dhabi, underscoring SCAD's
strategic role in support of overall development across all sectors in the emirate.

SCAD is the authorized official body responsible for the collection, compilation,
storage, analysis and dissemination of official statistics, and the release of the
results of social, demographic, economic, environmental and cultural rights
questionnaires and research studies in Abu Dhabi.

The Centre reiterated its commitment to work in cooperation with local
government agencies in conducting statistical research in order to develop a
comprehensive statistical system for Abu Dhabi that would ensures the accuracy
and confidentiality of data, using mainly electronic methods in its transfer.

SCAD is keen to achieve improvements in the analysis of data, and in the data
collection mechanisms, as well as in recording the appropriate metadata of
any type of information that can help in the process of searching, interpreting
or processing of the data itself. This includes metadata in population statistics,
geographical coverage, sampling, classifications, standards, time references,
methodologies, questionnaires, backgrounds, scope of work beside others, in
line with the goals of Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.

About Statistical Center-Abu Dhabi (SCAD)

Statistics center-Abu Dhabi (SCAD) was established in 2008 in accordance
with Law No. (7), to develop and organize statistical work in the Emirate of Abu
Dhabi in particular and the United Arab Emirates in general. SCAD’s purpose is
to produce statistical information that is consistent with the emirate’s orientation
towards sustainable development and strategic plans under the supervision and
with full support of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Being the of the official statistical data collection agency in the Emirate of Abu
Dhabi, the center assumes the functions of preparing the statistical plans and
programs that serve the emirate’s wider development programs, conducting
statistical surveys across the emirate. SCAD is also responsible for the
collection, classification, storage, analysis and dissemination of official statistics
and the release of the results of social, demographic, economic, environmental
and cultural surveys.

The activities of the Center will encompass all areas relating to social conditions
in accordance with relevant international standards and ethics, such as
independence, professionalism, impartiality, objectivity, confidentiality, cost
effectiveness and quality of statistics.

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