Saturday, December 25, 2010


With recent developments and initiatives in the logistics industry, the UAE is reaffirming its position as a leading international trade centre and logistics hub for the region.  Recent statistics from research providers Frost & Sullivan shows that revenues of US$7.03bn are expected for the logistics sector in 2010 and this is estimated to increase by over 33% by 2014.

The International Ship Suppliers and Services Agency Association (ISSA) has elected the UAE as its Vice-President while the country was ranked 3rd best in the world for enabling trading across borders in a recent World Bank Report.

Mr Ahmed Pauwels, CEO, Epoc Messe Frankfurt, organisers of Materials Handling Middle East, the international exhibition for logistics, supply chain, freight and cargo, commented: “This is a diverse and expansive industry which holds plentiful opportunities.  Dubai has always celebrated its strong trade heritage from the past right through to the present day and we are confident that, driven by these most recent developments, this strong heritage will help to propel the industry’s growth.”

Michelle McCarthy, Senior Show Manager, Materials Handling Middle East, added: “We have noted that many new companies are introducing their services to the region through Dubai World Central as well as other areas.  In addition to this the international players already here are expanding their presence further developing this sector.” 

The recent appointment of the UAE as Vice-President of the ISSA is another boost within the sector and will help strengthen international ties within the shipping business.  The ISSA is an international association representing nearly 2,000 ship suppliers worldwide.  Within the UAE, the National Ship Suppliers Association has 44 ship suppliers, representing an industry estimated to be worth approximately Dhs 1.2 bn auguring well for the country’s materials handling, logistics and shipping industries.

In Dubai, the government is driving development within the logistics sector through various initiatives including Dubai World Central, Dubai World and Dubai Trade.  The initiative has created strategic links between Al Maktoum International Airport, Jebel Ali Sea Port and the cities major highways.  In addition to this the simple bureaucratic procedures means the UAE continues to be a preferred destination for traders.  With more than 20,000 companies operating in Dubai’s 20 plus free zones and new players entering the market regularly the sector is well supported and will continue to expand.

These initiatives have helped the UAE in its trade endeavours and have lead to the fact that the country was ranked 3rd best in the world for the ease of cross border trade reaffirming its position as a central trade hub.  Materials Handling Middle East, which is already attracting much interest from industry players is well positioned to tap into this growing market.  The next edition will take place September 25 to 27 at the Dubai International and Exhibition Centre.

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