Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Pakistan’s Punjab Province Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, yesterday led a 30-member high level business delegation to visit Dubai Airport Freezone to explore joint ventures and business opportunities with the Freezone Senior Executives.
The delegates were received by Dr. Mohammed Al Zarooni, Director General of Dubai Airport Freezone. The Chief Minister and the delegation were briefed on the services and facilities that Dubai Airport Freezone provides to foreign investors and multinational firms.
Welcoming the delegates, Dr. Al Zarooni, said, “Dubai keeps its gate widely open for foreign investors who seek suitable business opportunities in the region.”
“As part of its strategy to attract more companies from different parts of the world, Dubai Airport Freezone has spared no effort to facilitate the operations of various industries and multinational companies operating within its vicinity,” added Dr. Al Zarooni.
He said, “Foreign investors and international companies are not only seeking a good place to set up their business, but also a suitable business environment and partner who can understand their commercial needs.”
“The Freezone has taken advantage of its suitable location in the center of Dubai and close to the international airport to grow exponentially.
I would like to assure investors best services and many attractive incentives including tax exemptions, no import duties and repatriation of profits.
As a matter of fact, this area has its unique position as the only Freezone located near the international airport, which attracts all the companies working in the export and re-export trade using air freight services,” said Al Zarooni.
Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, said, ”We are quite impressed by the facilities and the services Dubai has built to attract foreign business and world major firms.”
“Our key objective to visit Dubai and Dubai Airport Freezone is to seek joint ventures and business opportunities and add to our knowledge of the progress taking place in Dubai.”
He said, ”There is ample business opportunities both in your place and in Punjab for businessmen from Dubai and Punjab to utilize effectively.”
“We shall work together with all Dubai commercial entities to ensure that both parties benefit from each other in every way,” said Shahbaz.
The members of the delegation are made up of businessmen in the rice, food exporting business, chemicals, real estate, construction, agriculture, dairy, meat, venture capital and investments sector.
Dubai Airport Freezone has been named the Best Freezone in the Middle East region and the Second Best in the world by the premier Foreign Direct Investment (fdi) magazine of Financial Times. 

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