Thursday, December 23, 2010


In celebration of the centenary of Mark Twain’s death, Montblanc has dedicated its Limited
Writers Edition 2010 to one of America’s greatest novelists. The uniquely crafted writing
instrument is a fitting homage to the creator of such classics as “The Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn” and “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

Regarded to this day as the founder of Modern American literature, Twain was a vocal
opponent of slavery and racial segregation. His works were socially critical yet entertaining
novels and short stories, which inspired generations of authors. Driven by a precise
observant eye, a fierce sense of humour, and critical wit, his works have left an enduring
effect on American literature.

The Montblanc Limited Writers Edition Mark Twain is entirely inspired by the works of
the legendary writer and his Southern roots, apparent in many of his works. The sinuous
curving lines on the cap and barrel of the writing instrument, made of deep blue precious
resin, are inspired by the Mississippi and its shallow waves. It was this imposing “Ol’ Man
River” that captivated Twain and influenced him through out his life.

The top of the cap is shaped to resemble the steamboat chimneys, whose steam is
illustrated by ivory-colored precious resin. The clip is formed by a stylized jaw’s harp,
a musical instrument that was popular in the Southern States during Twain’s lifetime.
Beneath the clip, the cap ring is marked with the author’s signature as well as the limitation
number. Finally, the delicately designed 18 K gold nib is engraved with two fathoms used
in former times as an indication for the depth under the keel of a sails boat. The pinnacle
of Twain’s literary achievements came with the title of “master of Arts” and the honorary
doctorate awarded to him by Yale University in 1901. This was an outstanding achievement
for a man who left school at the young age of eleven years old following his father’s death,
to take up an apprenticeship as a typesetter. A monumental writer, Twain’s writings,
lectures and articles were so numerous that researchers and specialists have not yet to this
day been able to create a definitive collection of his work.

Issued every year since 1992 in a limited edition worldwide, the Montblanc Limited
Writers Edition with its timelessly classic designs pays tribute to the lives and works of the
greatest icons in literary history. Montblanc is often considered as the custodian of writing

culture. As such it has a cultural duty to honour the most distinguished authors of human

Montblanc Limited Writers Editions are sought after by connoisseurs and avid collectors
worldwide. Increasing their rarity and value is the unique handcrafting involved in their
production process. The manufacturing tools, specially developed for the production of
every Montblanc Limited Writers Edition are destroyed at the end of each production run to
make reproduction forever impossible.

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