Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DM launches Coastal Development Guidelines

The Coastal Zone and Waterways Management Section of the Environment
Department of Dubai Municipality has launched a comprehensive technical manual
on guidelines to be followed in infrastructure development in an effective well
planned way in the coastal zones in Dubai.

Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality said that the
manual, a first of its kind in the region, is a high level of service provided by Dubai
Municipality for all developers of projects in the emirate, as well as consulting firms
specialized in the field of coastal engineering and marine construction.

He pointed out that this manual aims to assist those involved in coastal development
to understand the nature of the coastal areas of the Emirate of Dubai so that
they can properly plan for their business requirements and achieve sustainable
environmental development at the same time.

Lootah stressed that the manual contains a summary of the in-depth technical
studies on the emirate's coast, which was completed during the past two years.

He added that the coastal areas are not strips isolated from the marine environment
and they have a direct impact on the environment and marine organisms. Therefore
the coastal management and engineering and the development of marine facilities
must take this into account and consider adopting a different model of development
based on newer, cleaner technologies and feasible projects in the economic, social
and environmental spheres at long term and medium term.

Lootah noted that integrated planning and effective management are not theoretical
issues or environmental concerns, but, they should evolve purely from the heart
of economic interests because of their direct impact on wealth and resources and
human health.

He said sustainable coastal development is a strategic goal, which the Municipality
is working to establish its values and concepts through the preparation of plans and
legislation that contribute towards achieving the integrated management of coastal
zone and waterways in the Emirate of Dubai.

Lootah said that Dubai Municipality through its Coastal Zone and Waterways
Management Section has started implementation of several initiatives and projects
as well as the adoption of many of the best global practices that aim to strengthen
this role.

Eng. Hamdan Al Shaer, Director of Environment Department said the manual
includes sections on the legislative status in the emirate related to management
and planning of coastal zone, coastal situation assessment, coastal development
controls, coastal environment, Dubai coastal zone monitoring programme, and
coastal hazards.

The launch of the manual coincided with a specialized technical seminar
on "Management of Dubai coastal zone and waterways". During the seminar, the
specialists from the Coastal Zone and Waterways Management Section shed light
on the Dubai coastal monitoring programme and methods and techniques applied
in this area and enlightened in brief on the main sections and the contents of the

Al Shaer stressed the Municipality's keenness on other emirates sharing the best
practices and expertise possessed by the Municipality in coastal management and

He praised the attendees of the seminar from all municipalities and government
departments in the UAE in addition to the various federal institutions and private

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