Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Characterised by its triple retrograde seconds, the TIRION TriRetrograde watch is a mixture of elegant watchmaking, technology and playfulness. Its unique style which plays on sophistication and perpetual mobility has made it one of Milus' emblems. Today, it is being presented in a sporting version with its DLC-treated case, its dial and its bezel in carbon-fibre.

The power of a style is frequently measured by its capacity to transform without betraying, and the style of the TIRION TriRetrograde is genuinely of this calibre. Open, multiply-layer dial, three retrograde seconds hands, visible bridges; Milus has succeeded in using these elements to create a signature that is unique, instantly recognisable and capable of being divided into multiple registers. Successively classical in skeleton version or more “casual” in titanium version, here is the TIRION TriRetrograde in a considerably more sporting version.

Whilst one sees in it all the codes which have built its success, in particular with the three seconds hands pirouetting on its dial, the overall style has been rewritten so as to express dynamism and performance. Thus its case remains a model of watchmaking sophistication with nine components and its added horns, but it has been given DLC – diamond like carbon – a treatment which is characterized by a deep black colour in superb matt. Far more resistant than PVD, this coating also offers excellent protection against knocks and scratches. Milus has chosen a material for the dial and the bezel that combines lightness and extreme stability: carbon fibre. Its ultra-technical fabric whose appearance recalls that of protective scales, brings out above all the elements situated on the front of the dial: the supporting bridges of the seconds hands, the three railway segments of 20 seconds each and, of course, the hour and minute hands for excellent legibility of the overall item. The leather strap, whose appearance authentically reproduces that of the carbon fibre, gives the watch a yet more dynamic spirit still.

On the movement side, the TIRION TriRetrograde Seconds DLC is equipped with a mechanical, automatic-winding, Swiss-made calibre visible via the transparent base of its case. Its sophistication can be seen from the oscillating weight, cut away in the shape of the Milus logo, as well as from the exclusive Milus 3838 mechanism which enables the display of the triple retrograde seconds.

At the interface of watchmaking sophistication and eminently sporting design, this new declination of the TIRION TriRetrograde illustrates beyond doubt the perpetuity now acquired by this star model of the Milus brand.

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