Sunday, December 5, 2010


Registration now opens to use Lexmark's SmartSolutions Software Development Kit (SDK) to design Adobe Flash-based business solutions. Today from Adobe MAX, Lexmark International, Inc. (NYSE: LXK) is calling on third-party developers to expand the company's offering of all-in-one (AIO) printer-based applications for small and medium businesses (SMBs) and to publish them on Lexmark’s SmartSolutions Center, for users to download to their Lexmark AIOs. SmartSolutions are increasingly popular among business users looking to save time and money.
"Last year, Lexmark introduced three AIOs that let small business customers  take their devices way beyond printing by enabling them to download and customize cloud-based and other applications, which we call SmartSolutions, that save them time and money," said Mr. Mohammed Addarrat, General Manager Lexmark International Middle East. “By opening our SDK to developers, Lexmark can build and provide a more dynamic and robust library of SmartSolutions to enable customers to better manage the constant flow and mix of hardcopy and digital content that co-exists in today’s modern office.”

By opening its Software Development Kit (SDK) today, Lexmark is now soliciting developers who have a strong background in developing Web applications using AdobeÒ FlashÒ technology. To register to participate and begin creating new SmartSolutions using the SDK, go to Lexmark's Solutions Development page.
Additionally, Lexmark today is announcing the newest SmartSolution, Google Analytics, which analyzes and reports on Web traffic right from the AIO. Google Analytics will be available for download early next month.

Other current SmartSolutions include applications that range from one touch solutions such as scan to e-mail and eco-copy, to Google Calendar, shipping, Twitter, Evernote, TripIt, Scan to and Facebook. For a complete list of Lexmark SmartSolutions, click here.

For more information, see the "Lexmark" Facebook page, the "LexmarkNews" Twitter feed, or the "LexmarkNews" YouTube channel.

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