Sunday, December 12, 2010

DM organizes seminar on policy and management on the use of refrigerants

Environmental Studies and Planning Section of the Environment Department of
Dubai Municipality recently organized a seminar on the use of refrigerants and
regulatory policies in line with the decisions of the UNEP.

The seminar was attended by a number of government department coordinators
and owners of big trading agencies in Dubai, who use refrigerants. The subject of the
seminar revolved around the theme of the International Day for the Preservation of
Ozone Layer, "Ozone layer protection: governance and compliance at their best."

The seminar was chaired by Eng. Ahmed Abdullah Al Jasmi, Head of Environmental
Studies and Planning Section, who initiated the dialogue by stressing the continued
and strong commitment of the Municipality to strengthen communication with
all segments of society and adhering to environmental standards that constitute a
major part of its duties.

Eng. Narciso Zacarias, Specialist in environmental management in the Environment
Department briefed the participants on the latest timetable for the phasing out
of ozone-depleting substances and actions taken by the Environment Department
against improper disposal of empty containers and leakage control methods of
refrigeration equipments during maintenance operations and the mechanism of
reduction of these irregularities.

He also shed light on the Montreal Protocol for the application of operations to
accelerate the phase-out of ozone-depleting substances and appropriate ways
to control them, in addition to the continued commitment by the country, which
sought to limit and control this issue through multiple mechanisms.

During the presentation Zacarias, who emphasized the vital role played by the
Environment Department in reducing the increase of ozone-depleting gases in the
emirate, explained that there is a great responsibility placed on the Municipality for
monitoring and controlling the improper leakage in the cooling devices, as well as
to prevent the entry of refrigerants or solvents that are prohibited through various
ports of Dubai.

It was also noted that traders and technicians working in this area must have the
ability to detect ozone-depleting substances and have full awareness of trade names
and chemical composition of the hazardous gases, so that the unsafe leakage in the
refrigeration equipment is controlled and the entry of these materials to the country
is prevented.

He thanked all the participants and the tireless efforts of the Environment
Department in clarifying all the circumstances about this vital issue, and the full
readiness to adhere to the schedule for phasing out the ozone-depleting gases,
according to the decisions of the Montreal Protocol and the United Nations to
protect the environment.

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