Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Coastal Zone and Waterways Management seminar at DM

The Coastal Zone and Waterways Management Section of the Environment Department of Dubai Municipality will conduct a seminar entitled "Management of Dubai coastal zone and waterways" on Thursday 16th December at the Municipality City Hall.

Eng. Alia AbdulRahim Abdullah, Head of Coastal Zone and Waterways Management Section said the symposium will provide a detailed view on the Dubai coastal zone and waterways management programme, which the municipality has implemented recently through a series of projects.

She said the seminar will also be highlighting the objectives and outcomes of the programme and methods to benefit from modern technologies used in the process of management and planning of the coastal zone in the Emirate of Dubai. This comes in the framework of the Municipality's keenness to preserve the coastal zone in the emirate and study the continuous changes that occur on the beach line.

The seminar topics will be based on the importance of the coastal zone and how to plan and configure the integrated management of this region, in addition to introducing the coastal area monitoring programme of the Emirate of Dubai. The latest techniques, methods and mechanisms for digital modeling used by Dubai Municipality in the monitoring and control of the coastal zone will be displayed in the seminar. The marine data available through those applications and how to provide them for interested customers in coastal area engineering will also be presented.

The seminar is aimed at different categories of audience varying between the government and private institutions and federal and local bodies. The seminar has also invited five of the public and private institutions of higher education, to promote the concept of mutual cooperation between the Municipality and academic institutions.

The seminar aims mainly to increase the level of awareness among the target audience, and the major role posed by the coastal zone as an area, which has significant impact on the environmental, economic and social development aspects.

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