Friday, December 3, 2010


Governments and institutions alike are increasingly turning to technology to combat and counter the

threats posed by sophisticated criminals and terrorists around the world. As the threat perception grows,

security agencies are investing in cutting edge technologies to preserve a safe and secure environment.

The use of biometrics as a fool proof means to verify identity in an attempt to weed out criminals with

false documents is not a new phenomenon. However, a growing trend has been identified within both

governments and the private sector to increasingly harness this powerful tool in order to keep home and

“The growth in the biometric security market is remarkable,” said Ahmed Pauwels, Chief Executive

Officer of Epoc Messe Frankfurt GmbH, organisers of the Middle East’s premier safety and security trade

fair and conference, Intersec. “Industry figures estimate that worldwide revenues from the biometric

market will treble to US $14 billion (AED 51.4 billion) by 2015,” he added.

“The latest in biometric security devices and machinery from the world’s leading manufacturers will be

on display at Intersec. Both the public and private sector in the region are increasingly interested in

incorporating biometric technology as part of their overall security environment. We have seen the growth

in finger scans, eye scans and facial recognition technology in airports and security-sensitive sites across

Currently it is government and homeland security agencies who are the largest users of biometric

technology globally with widespread deployment of finger/eye scanning and facial recognition devices at

airports, sea ports and border posts across the region. More recently there has been an increase in those

interested from within the corporate world too, not just in perimeter security and access control, but also

as a means to protect access to corporate networks, PCs and classified information.

Intersec trade fair and conference 2011, which will run from January 16 to 18, 2011 at the Dubai

International Convention and Exhibition Centre, will feature the latest developments in the field and

provide exhibitors, delegates and those involved in the safety and security industry a platform to

exchange ideas and discuss the latest security challenges prevalent worldwide.

According to Stewart Hefferman, Chief Executive Officer of Omniperception, and speaker at the

Commercial Security in a Changing Economy Conference, “Historically, governments led the

adoption, and use, of biometric technologies. Today, this is no longer the case. Yesterday’s biometric

technologies have become today’s biometric products and it is these products that are now commonly

used in mission critical corporate environments. We continue to see an increasing demand for biometric

products in the corporate sector and we cannot see this trend reversing anytime in the near future.”

Mr. Hefferman will be presenting on the difficulties faced by many organisations in identifying the correct

business model to support the use of biometric technology. His presentation will focus on the derived

value and real benefits to a company when the correct model is choosen with illustration of different

business models applied to different organisations.

In addition to the conference, companies such as Al Aqili Future Technologies, Avigilon, L1 Identity

Solutions Bioscript, Enterprise, Locktronix, Screen Check Middle East, Suprema, Integrated Systems

LLC, Virdi, ZK Software and others will present the latest solutions and technologies in the biometrics

industry during the Intersec exhibition in January.

The exhibition and conference combines a strong international profile, with a huge regional impact.

19,159 visitors (+11% compared to 2009) from 96 countries and over 710 exhibitors from 50 countries

attended Intersec 2010 and organisers expect the next edition to be even better.


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