Friday, December 3, 2010

Biggest painting of dolphins in Dubai on the occasion of National Day

As part of the celebrations of the 39th National Day, the Dolphinarium at Dubai Creek
Park has completed the work of the largest painting of dolphins in the world, which
measures 39 x 22 meters or 858 square meters. It took nearly two months to make
the canvas made of cloth and eight people worked about eight hours a day to finish

This first of its kind canvas was painted with a mother dolphin and its son, in addition
to the flag of the UAE, which was coloured by the visitors and also water colours
were used to protect the safety of visitors. The painting has been placed in front of
Dubai Dolphinarium.

Steve Bristol, General Manager of Dolphinarium said that painting will introduce the
people on the life in the oceans and the magnificent creatures in them.
He urged visitors and the world to protect these wonderful mammals through
participating in the painting.

It should be noted that the Dolphinarium had recently witnessed the birth of the
first animal of the species of dolphins in the region, which still sees a large turnout
of visitors who watch it with curiosity to find out information about this type of

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