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Dubai Internet City Releases ‘ICT in the UAE’ Industry Report

Dubai-UAE: 3 January 2011 – Dubai Internet City today announced the release of ‘ICT in the UAE’, an industry report prepared in conjunction with regional law firm Al Tamimi & Co, highlighting the maturity of the cyber regulations that have supported the growth of Internet as well as related key technology tools that impact common users.

The ‘ICT in the UAE’ report lays special emphasis on improvements in online promotional tools and outlines ways to take advantage of the all-encompassing UAE cybercrimes law that seek to tackle serious violations in online promotions and transactions.

Malek Al Malek, Managing Director of Dubai Internet City and Dubai Outsource Zone, said: “As technology matures, local regulations need to equally evolve to match its implications on both the consumer as well as large enterprises. Regulations are enacted to support the industry’s growth while facilitating online technology and transactions in the region. A regulatory framework is essential to ensure regional marketing promotions give adequate attention to the interests of the consumers, while helping them to make the correct buying decision through innovative sales techniques.”

The ‘ICT in the UAE’ report brings to light several emerging factors. It underlines the fact that as business processes change, companies are re-visiting the IT and business process outsourcing plans with projects more focused on saving costs and adding value. Companies have started to look at outsourcing with the change in investment trends for IT departments. Therefore, the role of the outsource provider, best practices, ongoing performance management, service and price reviews over the contractual terms, data protection and security, as well as IP protection have gained increasing relevance, the report points out.

Realising the business benefits of outsourcing, organisations in the region are now opting to work with service providers for mission critical applications and gain operational efficiency.

Malek added: “Dubai Outsource Zone has particularly benefitted from the growth of the enterprise segment in the country. Buying patterns have changed as companies have realised the value of outsourcing not only in terms of cost but also in relation to business processes within a company. The cluster has noticed this change in the adoption of shared services and customer profiles. Large enterprises have realized the value added to their top-line by taking up shared services. IT networks are also upgrading their infrastructure to maintain industry standards within their framework. However, regional IT service providers have to raise their service levels to meet these standards and bring about a change in consumer attitudes.”

David Yates, Head of Commercial IP and Technology, Al Tamimi & Co’s Dubai Internet City office, said: “Outsource providers are also obliged to demonstrate compliance with applicable quality standards such as those published by ISO (International Standardisation Organisation) 27001 for IT security techniques and management, depending upon the nature of their outsource operations. Today, customers themselves are more interested in obtaining these compliances to upgrade their networks and demonstrate quality standards.

“With an increasing number of companies outsourcing significant IT functions and capabilities as well as managing business process outsourcing with the use of technology, outsourcing governance has become a critical part of good IT governance. The involvement of another party to discharge a range of functions, which, if not performed properly, could expose a company and its directors to legal and regulatory sanctions, as well as diminishing profits and reputation in the marketplace. And this warrants significant attention in any governance plan.”

On an overall perspective, the ‘ICT in the UAE’ report endeavours to bring to light the growth in online transactions as well as in IT outsourcing business in the region. It additionally emphasizes that even in an outsourcing relationship, factors that define business have changed and mainly include achieving the projected cost reduction, delivering best available services, and increasing customer satisfaction, thereby driving a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

At the forefront of the region's ICT industry, Dubai Internet City remains committed to supporting emerging technology trends in the region and continues to play an instrumental role in developing the industry while contributing to Dubai's drive for creating a knowledge-based economy.

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