Thursday, January 20, 2011

DAC accredits first Personnel Certification Body

Dubai Accreditation Centre (DAC) in Dubai Municipality has accredited High field Awarding Body for Compliance as the first personnel certification body in the country in the field of food safety based on ISO 17024 standards for certification of Person-In-Charge (PIC) for food safety in foodstuff establishments.

Amina Ahmed Mohammed, Director of DAC said that accreditation relating to food safety is one of Dubai Municipality’s highest priorities in achieving its strategic objectives of ensuring food safety and enhancing self-control in food establishments as well as establishing the principle of private partnership in ensuring food safety.

"The Dubai has become the first emirate that has applied this first of its kind initiative in the region aimed at ensuring the safety of the society," she said.

"The government and the food industry share that responsibility to ensure food safety. That is why we give importance to self-quality assurance within private food establishments. Availability of a well-trained PIC, approved by Dubai Municipality, at all time in the food establishment who is aware of food safety fundamentals for offering products that are complying with Dubai Municipality regulations, will ensure a well run, economically sensitive operation and the protection of the public health," said Mohammed.

"It's worth mentioning that DAC is a member in the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) for third-party Certification Bodies Accreditation since 2006, and is seeking international recognition this year," she said.

"It is within our section's plan to extend our scope of accreditation to include other certifications, whether management based, product or persons, based on international standards, which will ensure the quality of life of Dubai Citizens” said Eng. Noaf Ahmed Al Naqbi, Head of Certification Bodies Accreditation Section in DAC.

She said that 26 certification bodies have been accredited so far in the scopes of Quality Management Systems, Food Safety Management, HACCP System, Environmental Management System, and Certification for Construction Material Products and Certification of Personnel.

"Moreover, based on the urgent need to achieve occupational safety of personnel in the Emirate of Dubai, the next step will include certification for the crane operators, since the country is continuously evolving in the construction field and it is an essential step to ensure the occupational safety of the crane operators," said Al Naqbi.

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