Thursday, January 20, 2011

1st German-Arab Symposium on Advanced Orthopaedic Treatment & Therapy Concepts and Educational Possibilities On Sunday, 23 January 2011 at Dubai Healthcare City

H.E. Joerg Bode Minister for Economics, Labour and Transport of the German State Niedersachsen and the organizer Niedersachsen cordially invites to the 1st German-Arab Symposium on Advanced Orthopaedic Treatment Concepts Highlighting Endo- and Exoprosthetic Solutions together with Niedersachsen Global (NGlobal), economic development agency for the State of Niedersachsen and its partners Otto Bock HealthCare and Hannover Medical School, Professor Henning Windhagen, Director of Orthopaedic Surgery.

The approach of an integrated supply chain management and interdisciplinary system solutions on advanced orthopedic treatment and therapy in Niedersachsen will be presented at the symposium by a high level expert group.

Welcome by H.E. Joerg Bode, the Minister for Economics, Labour and Transport of the German State Niedersachsen, Dr. Abdulkareem Sultan Al Olama , Executive Director of the Center for Healthcare Planning and Quality (CPQ), DHCC.
Dr. Nariman Al Mulla Advisor to the Minister of Health

The renowned Hannover Medical School Germany is represented by
Prof. Dr.Henninng Windhagen, Dr. Tilman Callies, Prof. Dr. Christoph Gutenbrunner focusing on future-orientated therapy concepts.

Prof. Dr. Sigmar Blumentritt, the expert for biomechanics at Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH – Germany will inform about latest trends and technologies of prosthetic fitting, analytic and training methods and innovative Orthopaedic Technology  , Practical Cases by Mr. Carl Becker, CPO/OTM
Mr. Nico Kampman, Implantcast GmbH – Germany will speak about Endoprosthetic Solutions and Developments from the Industry's point of view.

Furthermore the symposium will provide information on the internationally valid ISPO standards that were created to unify the professional qualifications in advanced orthopedic technology worldwide.
The Private University of Applied Science in Niedersachsen, Goettingen, has now established a new curriculum in orthobionics. Details on the course will be available during the symposium.

For details and registration please contact our local partner Petra Mueller, Mobile 050 6462904 and email
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