Thursday, January 27, 2011

Increase in e-applications and environmental permits issued by DM for industrial projects

The results of Environmental Studies and Planning Section of the Environment Department of Dubai Municipality has shown an increase in the total number of e-applications submitted and permits issued by the Municipality to obtain environmental permits for various industrial projects.

In 2010, there were 567 applications and environmental permits were issued to 442 of them compared with the 442 requests and 322 permits for the same period in 2009. The percentage of approval and issuance of permits of the total number of requests was about 78% compared with 73% for 2009, said Ahmed Mohammed Al Jasmi, Head of Environmental Studies and Planning Section.

He said the break up of the number of permits by type of activity and the last year's figure in brackets was as follows: food industry and related activities 29 (18), chemical industry and related activities 16 (16), paper, plastic and rubber industries 17 (6) , metal industries and related activities 94 (57), timber industry and Accessories 38 (33), textile industries 3 (1), concrete mix and cement industries 36 (34), workshops for maintenance and repair of vehicles and boats 20 (5), waste recycling 1 (none), cleaning services 6 (4), hospitals, clinics and medical laboratories 65 (59), printing, publishing and imaging services 21 (18), Laundry Service 87 (27), environmental consulting 3 (15), marketing complexes, stores 2 (none) and other activities 4 (29).

Al Jasmi said that the section evaluates and determines the environmental impacts and dimensions of all development projects, infrastructure projects and industrial and professional projects in the Emirate of Dubai. "It reviews and evaluates these dimensions and impacts accurately through environmental impact studies submitted and make sure that they comply with the environmental requirements mentioned in the Local Order No. 61/1991, in addition to technical guidance, local orders and federal laws as regards the design and operation of these projects so as to serve the objectives of environmental management to look forward to achieve sustainable development," he said.
"The role of the Section is vital and important in the study of environmental impact assessment and in obtaining No Objection Certificates and environmental permit prior to the implementation of any project," said Al Jasmi.

He said the Section carries out many tasks vital to the preservation of the environment and sustainable development using the best available practices in the environment work to ensure compliance with international standards in this area, including the main tasks of the Section of monitoring air quality, noise from all diverse sources, electromagnetic radiation, whether generated by the stations and transmission or communications towers. 

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