Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DM intensifies environmental inspections on industrial establishments in the emirate

The Environmental Monitoring Section of Dubai Municipality's Environment Department has intensified inspection tours of industrial, service and commercial establishments with possible environment effects. The Section carried out 4,545 inspections during the year 2010 compared to that of 3,665 inspections in 2009, which is an increase of 24%.

Eng. Abdul Salam Mohammed Saleh, Head of Environmental Monitoring Section said that the Section, as part of its efforts to enhance the efficiency of environmental control on industrial facilities, began to apply, with the beginning of 2010, a new system based on the classification of these enterprises into three categories: facilities with high environmental impact, facilities with average environmental impact and facilities with low environmental impact.

"This classification was based on three accurate and transparent criteria and we made sure we achieved justice when we applied them on industrial establishments. The three criteria were the size of the facility, type of activity and the extent of commitment to environmental requirements during the last two scheduled visits of inspectors from the Environmental Monitoring Section of Dubai Municipality," he said.

"According to the new classification, the total number of establishments in the emirate is 6,229, of which 778 are facilities with a high environmental impact and 4,439 with average environmental impact, and 1,012 with low environmental impact," said Saleh.

He said that by early 2010, the Section had fixed a target to cover 100% of the establishments with high environmental impact and 80% of the establishments with medium environmental impact and 60% of establishments with low environmental impact.

"The final results have shown that all of these targets for 2010 were successfully implemented, thanks to the tireless efforts of the staff of the Section and the unlimited support and ongoing follow-up of the senior leadership in Dubai Municipality," said Saleh

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