Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Demand for sustainable paper products is on the rise worldwide as consumers increasingly switch to

recycled paper or paper produced from sustainable resources in an effort to reduce their overall carbon

footprint. The decision to switch to more ecologically friendly paper products is also helped by the

lowering cost of recycled paper.

According to recent research, demand for sustainable paper is set to increase steadily over the next five

years. Currently the global demand for ‘green’ paper is estimated to be around 16.8 million tonnes. This

is set to grow at a CAGR of 6.6 % to reach 24.8 million tonnes by 2016.

“As awareness grows about the high ecological cost of paper wastage, not to mention about the

environmental consequences, consumers are increasingly making a conscious decision to alter their

modes of consumption,” said Ahmed Pauwels, Chief Executive Officer of Epoc Messe Frankfurt, who is

launching Paperworld Middle East – a trade event to serve the office and paper products industry in the

region. “At Messe Frankfurt we are affiliated with the Forest Stewardship Council which promotes the

responsible management of the world’s forests. Through the initiative we aim to reduce the printing of e-

mails and other unnecessary paper wastage within the office.”

“We see a growing trend to increase the content of recycled paper in the product mix amongst major

manufacturers, which include publishing houses, printers, stationery and greeting card manufacturers,”

Pauwels stated. “At Paperworld Middle East, buyers, designers and decision makers from around the

region can examine the range of ‘green’ products currently available in the market and learn about new

trends and developments in the sustainable paper industry,” he added.

Many leading publishers and printers in the US are increasing the recycled paper content of books

to around 30 per cent, as part of an industry-wide move towards more sustainable and responsible

development. This trend is likely to become popular among publishers and printers in the Middle East

region too, driven by increasing consumer awareness of the ecological impact.

There is also considerable interest in procuring paper produced from certified managed forests,

which reduces the carbon footprint considerably. In addition there is a significant amount of research

underway to produce paper from sustainable non-tree sources for use in printing and publishing.

Paperworld Middle East, which will be held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre

from March 7th to 9th, 2011, will feature the latest products in office supplies, wrapping, office and

household paper and films, gift articles, school articles and greeting cards.

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