Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Children's City celebrates International Special Needs People Day

The Children's City will organize today (Thursday, January 13, 2011) various activities to celebrate the International Special Needs People Day to express solidarity with children with special needs and encourage them on this occasion, especially to honour and pour them with all the love and affection.

Nila Mansouri, Head of Children's City said the activities, aimed at increasing understanding of disability issues and supporting friendly for all designs to ensure the rights of people with special needs, will be held from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm.

"The celebration embodies the solidarity of all sections of the society to take care of this category of children who possess creativity and talents that may not be available in a lot of healthy people. Through such participation, the Children's City aims to implant the spirit of joy in the hearts of children with special needs and their integration in the society and dealing with their issues," she said.

The Children's City also aims, through its different shows and events, to achieve communication and integration with this class through its sections of exhibits and programmes and activities associated with them.

The Children's City keeps up with all that is new in the field of museum display while maintaining the existing aspects of theories and knowledge to meet the needs and wishes of visitors, and at the same time consolidation of relations with the relevant bodies and organizations similar in goal, and provide better service to the public through training and motivating staff in the required disciplines, and making the Children's City the centre of attraction for cultural tourism and children's tourism at the local, regional and global levels.

The Children's City has lined up a special programme on this occasion as the children will have fun with clowns and face painting, and enjoy a programme called "not impossible," talent exhibition, a special corner for the display of paintings and handicraft items made by people with special needs, photo session with Children's City character Murshid and a flower corner. 

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