Tuesday, January 11, 2011

JSS Group opens second campus in Dubai, new CBSE School in Safa to meet 2011 academic year demands

 Dubai, January 10, 2011: The JSS Group today announced expanding its presence in Dubai

and  said  it  is  all  set  to  open  its  second  school  campus  in  Al  Safa  to  cater  to  the  increasing

demands of the 2011 academic year.

The  Group  debuted  into  the  Dubai’s  education  sector  in  2009  with  the  opening  of  its  flagship

property, JSS International School in Al Barsha. The second campus comes after the successful

first  venture  which  has  won  tremendous  appreciation  for  the  Group’s  holistic  strategy  to

In  a  statement,  Mr.  Guruswami  Kalloor,  General  Manager,  JSS,  said:  “A  study  done  by  us

brought out the fact that there is a need for high quality CBSE School in the Safa area of Dubai.

Residents living in and around this area have to travel long distance for quality education and

we decided to fill that vacuum.”

JSS Private School (JSSPS) is run by the internationally renowned JSS Mahavidyapeetha (JSS

MVP), a socio-cultural Institution (Trust) that has dedicated itself to the development of culture,

literature  and  education  for  the  prosperity  of  society  in  general  and  serves  as  a  tool  for  social

“In  a  span  of  around  six  decades  it  has  grown  into  a  social  force  that  transcends  boundaries

and cultures and has taken the lead in spreading literacy. JSS MVP has firmly established itself

as  a  quality  academic  provider  by  successfully  running  more  than  320  educational  institutions

ranging from day care centers to professional colleges offering post-doctoral programmes and

has tie-ups with various leading universities,” said Mr. Guruswami.

He  said  that  first  Dubai  venture  of  JSS  MVP,  JSS  International  School,  has  become  the  first

choice  for  parents  who  are  looking  to  educate  their  children  in  the  ICSE  stream  in  just  two

“The  new  campus  at  Safa  will  also  provide  excellent  academic  guidance  as  well  as  skills  to

make  each  student  socially  responsible  citizens,  similar  to  the  JSS  International  School’s

mandate.  JSS  will  employ  a  holistic  approach  to  education  to  empower  individuals  to  become

a  caring,  competent  and  responsible  citizen  who  values  education  as  a  lifelong  process.  This

promotes  the  student’s  intellectual,  physical,  moral  and  social  development;  realizing  each

student’s potential,” Mr. Guruswami said.

Spread  over  a  vast  area,  the  school  has  state-of-the-art  facilities  that  include  well  equipped

laboratories, library, ample play areas including football grounds, tennis courts, swimming pool,

etc. A dedicated team of experienced teachers are already in place to lead the students in the

right direction,” he added.

About JSS Mahavidyapeetha

A Foundation of Abiding Values

The JSS MVP is a socio-cultural institution (Trust) that has dedicated itself to the development of culture,
literature and education for the prosperity of the humanity. It has pioneered the concept of Education as
a  tool  for  social  change.  Education  for  All  is  the  central  teaching  of  this  trust.  From  humble  beginnings
(about six decades ago), it has grown into a social force that transcends boundaries and cultures. It has
taken a lead in spreading literacy, providing health care, rural development and strengthening culture. It
works towards the economic upliftment of the society.

The trust has established more than 300 institutions that are spread across India and also as overseas
centers  in  USA,  Mauritius  &  Dubai,  in  the  field  of  school  and  collegiate  education,  Medical  and  Para
Medical  Science,  Engineering,  Pharmacy,  Law,  Management  Education,  Sahana  Schools  for  mentally
and physically disabled children, School for the Blind and the Institute of Speech & Hearing, Vocational
Training Centres for youth and Professional Training Institutions.

JSSMVP  runs  122  state  board,  12  CBSE  and  one  IGCSE  schools.  The  standard  of  education  is
consistently  above  average,  resulting  in  academic  excellence  with  cent  percent  results  in  All  India
Secondary  School  Examination.  These  institutions  also  provide  abundant  opportunities  in  the  field  of
sports and cultural activities supported with good infrastructure. Our alumni are spread all over the world,
working in various fields as successful contributors to the society.

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