Tuesday, January 11, 2011


 “New range of jewellery breaks free from conventional and archaic moulds of jewellery design” - Caroline Gaspard

While there are a variety of challenging exercises to stimulate the whole brain, the jigsaw puzzle remains, by far, one of the most intriguing mental exercises that helps in improving memory function as well as other brain functions that need stimulation.

Luxury French Jewellery manufacturer AKILLIS has taken the world of jewellery outside its comfort zone by designing retro puzzles and reintroducing them as pieces of exquisite jewellery breaking away from the floral designs and patterns that have been a hallmark of women’s jewellery for decades.

“The AKILLIS philosophy is about setting new standards and revitalizing an ancient and conservative establishment by introducing new design concepts using quality materials, unique style and innovative design,” observed Caroline Gaspard, CEO of AKILLIS.

She noted that with the new AKILLIS Puzzle collection is fashioned with a classic touch yet adds a flare of edginess fitting for a 21st century trendsetter. “The brand is taking fine jewellery into a new era, where sophistication and luxury blend effortlessly with fun, freedom, authenticity and inimitability,” Ms Gaspard added.

AKILLIS’ puzzle range is designed to fit clients’ distinctive lifestyles and all material chosen are hand-selecting and meet the stringent demands of the highest quality gold, diamonds and gemstones for every piece created.

Fine jewellery by AKILLIS offers a fresh take on jewellery designs and breaks free from the conventional and archaic moulds, and is inspired by the luxurious shapes of the present and future era, and infused with the contemporary, electric edge that is brought to life by Ms Gaspard. AKILLIS’s pieces are stunning and artistic, an instant favourite of the effortlessly chic modern woman.

Each and every piece of jewellery is made in France, and is crafted by talented Parisian artisans and the jewellery is a bold, yet elegant, display of beauty. AKILLIS designs are comfortable to wear, following the curves of the body like a second skin. Their lightness is only equalled by their majesty and acute attention is paid to minor details. 

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