Sunday, February 13, 2011

Western International Group launches New Mobile phone; GEEPAS Mobile, the smart new phone arrives in UAE

Western International Group has launched a new series of Mobile Phones that has hit the UAE markets. Branded GEEPAS Mobile after their flagship brand, GEEPAS Electronics, the group is all set to conquer new heights in the new segment.

Mr. K P Basheer, the Managing Director of the group who leads this ambitious project said that it’s a dream come true for the group and they would try their best to bring in the best of models that could turn the whole mobile telephony in the region into a different scale altogether.

The new phones are a synergy of quality, utility and costs with excellent service support, the hall mark of the group, says Mr. Krishna Kumar, Vice President of the group who brings with him 3 decades of experience and is leading this ambitious new project.

Mr. Sajith Gopinath, Head of Sales said that the group is introducing 3 categories, GNEX, BIZX and MUSIX, the GEEPAS Mobile would cater to all economic classes for whom the entire range would be value for money. By beginning of March, there would be more than 12 models that would reflect on not just class but the edge of technology.

In an era where the mobile is a style statement, the GEEPAS Mobile would be a reflection of one’s pride and personality and would definitely give other brands a run for their money. Western International Group plans to enter the African and Indian markets soon with GEEPAS Mobile in the forthcoming months.

Western International Group is a $1.6 Billion enterprise which owns and manages over 12 brands that cater to a cross section of the market. From Consumer Electronics, Retail Chains, Garments and Innerwear, Cookware & tableware, Leather and footwear to Blankets and baby products, the group has steadily grown since its inception 28 years ago. Market leaders in several segments, the group has footprint in 85 countries, the group employs over 3000 employees and has own offices in UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Hong Kong, China, India, Thailand and Kenya.

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