Monday, February 28, 2011


Renowned Juniper CTO Pradeep Sindhu Defines the  Foundation for Building Data Center Fabrics for the Next Decade
Dubai, UAE., Feb. 28, 2011 – Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR) Founder and CTO Pradeep Sindhu, today published a paper defining the characteristics of a true data center fabric, in conjunction with the launch of QFabric™, the company’s data center fabric solution and an outcome of Project Stratus.
The paper outlines the seven defining characteristics for data center networking that together deliver a quantum leap improvement in data center performance, operating cost and business agility, that we expect will become the architectural foundation for data centers for the next decade.
QFabric combines the performance and operational simplicity of a single switch with the scale and resiliency of a network. QFabric relies on simplicity to solve the most challenging data center networking. QFabric delivers two primary capabilities:
1. The ability to provide all network components (servers, routers, switches, storage, clients and other devices) with unrestricted access to the power of the network regardless of location.
2. The ability to connect all network resources to each other at very high speeds with no detectable limitations in the interconnect; is the key to high performance, scale and efficiency.
What began as a mission to develop a smarter, more powerful networking technology led us to ultimately rethink the concept of a data center fabric in its entirety,” Sindhu said. “QFabric introduces a fundamentally new approach to building data centers that removes the complexity of associated legacy networks and provides a clean sheet approach and foundation for building data centers for the next decade.”
Sindhu’s seven principles define a data center fabric that represents a completely flat architecture – and a cohesive fabric that allows all network elements to function as a single, logical device.  QFabric is the manifestation of these principles, built to enable the construction of highly efficient, cost-effective, dynamic and easy-to-manage virtualized data centers.
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