Saturday, February 26, 2011

NAVDEX 2011 UKTI Stand: 230 - Avon to Bring Dramatic Action to ST53 CBRN Mask and SCBA Launch

Avon Protection will be demonstrating its revolutionary new ST53 CBRN mask and modular SCBA system for the first time at NAVDEX 2011 with a series of dramatic live action, simulated scenarios. Involving genuine military personnel, visitors to the UKTI stand at NAVDEX will see how the ST53 provides Avon’s state of the art CBRN respiratory protection in an imaginary law enforcement exercise.

The ST53 combines Avon Protection Systems’ FM53 mask with new and innovative modular breathing apparatus technology to provide positive pressure SCBA and/or PAPR capability for specialist applications. The ST53 system also provides the operator with total flexibility to select the necessary level of protection quickly and efficiently whilst continuing to operate effectively.

The FM53 Mask is Avon’s most technically advanced mask and has been specifically developed for specialist operators requiring both positive pressure SCBA, CCBA, APR/PAPR and negative pressure capability.

The ST53 system is available with a wide variety of accessories including a light and compact air cylinder that can be efficiently carried on the waist. This provides the user with the versatility to meet a variety of evolving operational challenges with complete confidence.

The FM53 is the only mask of its kind that has been specifically designed to protect users against the multiple threats involved with asymmetric warfare today. This is due to the patented twin exhalation valve that provides end users with the capability to use the mask as a negative or positive pressure respirator.  This enables different threat environments to be entered without the need to change equipment. It offers the user the highest levels of comfort, and is available with a variety of features such as panoramic optically correct flexible visors, clear, sunlight, laser and blublocker outserts, voice projection units and interchangeable nosecups for maximum comfort and fit. Finally, the FM53 is interoperable with a variety of communications systems. 

Both the FM53, and the ST53™, provide protection against traditional chemical and biological warfare agents, select Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs) and particulate matter, including radioactive dust threats. This means a high protection factor for the wearer, and therefore complete peace of mind. With CE approval, and NIOSH last year, the FM53 is now accessible to a wider range of users, from SWAT teams, worldwide Special Forces and the FBI to leading European police forces, several of whom are currently evaluating the system for their officers.     

Alongside the ST53 will be Avon’s unique 50 series of respirators, all of which provide unprecedented levels of comfort and protection, whilst providing communication and operational capability. The 50 series represents the world’s latest CBRN respirators, comprising the FM50, FM53 and C50. Through this range, Avon has introduced novel ground breaking technology to the industry with features such as a wide panoramic optically correct flexible polyurethane visor for maximum field of view and enhanced weapons compatibility.

The new 50 series also offers a twin filter concept with close fitting conformal filters and self sealing valves reducing contamination risk during filter change, as well as an Electronic Communication Port, which is universally compatible and provides internal microphone connection to communication systems.

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