Sunday, February 27, 2011


Leading International Coffee and Donut giant targets 11 new outlets in 2011
Commuters on the busy Dubai-Sharjah Road can now pep up their ride with a quick shot of java and freshly-baked donuts. World leading coffee and baked goods chain Dunkin’ Donuts, have announced the opening of their latest outlet at the Eppco petrol station on Ittihad Road, a development that will be welcomed by the myriad loyal customers of the brand in the UAE.

The expansion is part of the quick-serve giant’s strategy to spread its presence to all corners of the Emirates, which is increasingly becoming a significant market in the burgeoning Middle East region.

Speaking on the occasion, Dunkin’ Donuts General Manager, David Rodgers said: “The new outlet is our 61st location in the country, which should become increasingly popular with the users of this busy highway connecting the two emirates. Our expansion is part of the company’s response to strong demand for our products in the country.”

“With the increasing popularity of our high-quality baked goods and select coffee blends across the country, we plan to add a total of 11 outlets across the emirates in 2011. Our strength is the unmatched combination of our superior blend of coffee and a wider range of donuts than any other coffee shop in addition to dedicated standards of customer service,” he added.

With the opening of this outlet, Dunkin’ Donuts has once again demonstrated its commitment to the region, for which it has an investment outlay of more than AED10 million spread over the next three years.

Famed as the busiest road in the UAE, the Dubai-Sharjah Al Ittihad Road is the main arterial highway connecting the two emirates and is generally chock-a-block with traffic for most of the day. According to RTA estimates, the road, which is a lifeline for business and commerce, carries more than 300,000 vehicles every day - a number that is expected to get much higher once the current phase of expansion is completed.

Dunkin’ Donuts is the established leader in the market for coffee and baked goods with a robust worldwide presence in 31 countries. Currently the company has more than 9,000 outlets across the globe.