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DEW-Kylsystem offers innovative solar cooling for enterprises and households in the GCC

The solar cooling team  (from L to R) Geegi Kumar, Director,  Dew-Kylsystem; Dubai,  Girish Menon, Director, Dew-Kylsystem; Alan Hogan, Sales Director, Kingspan Renewable Ltd.UK; Gerard Whelan, Managing Director, Kingspan Renewable Ltd. UK and Lars-Olof Johanssonm Director, Dew-Kylsystem, Dubai
New building design and solar cooling technique offer reduced capital costs and up to 50 per cent less power consumption

DUBAI, 22 FEBRUARY 2011: DEW-Kylsystem, a leading provider of turnkey energy-efficient HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) systems in the UAE, has introduced in the Gulf a path-breaking design concept and solar air conditioning technique offering substantial benefits in terms of cost, consumption and carbon footprint.
The design concept, known as ClimaDeck hollow core slab system, and the ClimateWell/Kingspan solar chiller system, both successfully installed in the ESAB Middle East regional head office in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, have won wide industry recognition and applause from global sustainability experts.
ESAB ME HQ Building in Jebel Ali
The ESAB building has won Platinum rating from the US Green Building Council for its energy efficiency and was also named as the Best Green Building in the Middle East by a leading construction magazine.
A smart combination of state-of-the-art renewable energy principles and components is the chief enabler of energy efficiency at the ESAB building. The ClimateWell solar chillers in the building works on Kingspan Thermomax Solar Evacuated Tube, the world’s highest performing evacuated tubes developed by Kingspan Solar, an Ireland-based sustainable technology leader.
A Solar Cooling Panel in ESAB
Project developers and designers in the GCC were briefed on the unique components, features and advantages of ClimaDeck hollow core slab system, ClimateWell Solar Chillers and Kingspan Thermomax Solar Evacuated Tube at a seminar organised by DEW-Kylsystem in Dubai today.
ClimateWell solar air conditioning has been developed by ClimateWell of Spain, a world leader in environment-friendly heating and cooling technologies, named as the “Technology Pioneer” at the World Economic Forum held in Davos in 2007. DEW-Kylsystem is the GCC distributor for ClimateWell’s Solar Cooling® products.

Lars-Olof Johansson,
Commenting on the combination of three world-leading technologies to create a unique solar cooling solution based on renewable energy, Gerard Whelan, Managing Director of Kingspan Renewables said: “We see it as a breakthrough for the GCC and hope it shows how to efficiently utilise solar energy for cooling in projects across Gulf States.  Our world-renowned Thermomax Solar Evacuated Tubes have already been used in solar cooling applications in Europe and the United States. We hope the technology will now take hold in the GCC through our partnership with DEW-Kylsystem and Climatewell.”
Gerard Whelan, Managing Director,
Kingspan Renewable Ltd., UK
The innovative building design along with the solar chillers can reduce the overall installed capacity of air conditioning plants and reduce energy consumption by 40 per cent to 50 per cent. In other words, the energy efficient solution offers significant reduction in capital costs, higher return on investment and lower environmental impact.
ClimaDeck projects in the Middle East have proved to have up to 60 per cent lower energy consumption than equally sized conventional buildings. Significant reduction in noise and elimination of draught are other major benefits of the system, making it an ideal air conditioning solution for offices, warehouses, hotels, hospitals and large villas.
Alan Hogan, Sales Director,
Kingspan Renewable Ltd., UK
The hollow core slab design can be integrated with conventional air conditioning system or used in conjunction with ClimateWell solar chillers for higher energy-efficiency. Hollow core slabs have been in use in construction in Europe since 1973 and since 2000 in the Middle East.
“The ClimaDeck, ClimateWell and Kingspan solar cooling solutions clearly demonstrate that green makes business sense. With rising utility costs and a pressing need to integrate sustainability practices into daily living felt across the GCC, developers of new projects will have to future-proof their assets and profits.  ClimateWell/Kingspan solutions save money and Planet Earth, while providing a healthier and more comfortable living environment,” said Lars Olof Johansson, Director, DEW-Kylsystem.
Girish Menon, Director,
Electricity prices have gone up by almost 90 per cent in Dubai over the last four years and rising demand led to power cuts during peak summer in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Sharjah in 2010.
“In spite of their oil reserves GCC countries are trying to curb resource overuse and tap renewable energy sources such as wind and sunlight. Abu Dhabi targets seven per cent of its total energy needs from renewables by 2020, a significant share of which is expected to come from sunlight. ClimateWell’s Solar Cooling® solutions, which are flexible as well as scalable, have added relevance for the region in this context,” said Per Olofsson, Chief Executive Officer of ClimateWell.

About DEW-Kylsystem:
Dubai-based DEW-Kylsystem is a privately-held company, registered under the name of Dubai Electromechanical Works Llc, delivering turnkey energy-efficient HVAC solutions for buildings. The ClimateWell Solar Chiller product line distributed by DEW-Kylsystem provides maximum energy efficiency for cooling and heating of offices, warehouses, hotels, hospitals and large households. Dew-Kylsystem is also the distributor of Kingspan Solar Collectors the world’s highest performing evacuated tubes. Dew-Kylsystemincorporates a very innovative air-conditioning design concept called Clima
Deck, utilising hollow core slabs to reduce plant capacity as well as total energy consumption by up to 50 per cent at no incremental costs. More information on Dew-Kylsystem and its range of solutions are available on

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